More than a year ago, I left my safe space in my hometown of Copenhagen in Denmark and moved abroad to take a masters in journalism and communication in Sydney, Australia. It was by far the biggest decision of my life – and also the most terrifying!
I clearly remember the strange feeling in my body at the airport before I jumped on the flight to Sydney. I was so excited for the adventure, but also sad to say goodbye to friends and family and apprehensive for the future. However, when I look back at it now, I’m so grateful that I dared to take the plunge, rather than doing what the majority of my peers will do – get a degree, get a job, get married and have kids.

When I arrived in Sydney I didn’t have a place to live. I knew very few people. And I had no idea how to deal with important stuff such as setting up a bank account, getting an Australian phone number, figuring out how to find permanent accommodation etc. I barely knew if I should turn left or right when I got out of the airport. The safe space and the familiar surroundings from home had been replaced with the new and unknown. And for a person like me who loves a good adventure, that was both exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time.

Living in Australia has taught me so much about myself and about life. Of course, I got a bank account, an Australian phone number and a place to live shortly after arrival. But I’ve also managed to meet tons of people from all over the world, improve my English skills, finish two semesters with good grades (I now only have one semester left) and have lots and lots of fun at the same time. I’ve proved to myself that I’m much stronger, confident and independent than I’ve ever thought I could be, and that I’m able to do more than I think. As a person I’ve changed for the better, and I’m sure that it will be a completely different person who arrives at the airport in Copenhagen in a few months.

Moving abroad can be scary, but it will help you grow as a person in ways you can't imagine... and if it all goes wrong, don't worry - you can always go back!

During the last year, I’ve got to know a new city that I’m proud to call home. Sydney truly has my heart, and I love to experience different areas and show people around here. However, I’ve also been able to explore many other parts of this beautiful country and delve into Australian culture and lifestyle. I will forever be grateful for everything Australia has given me.

I’m very proud of myself for taking this huge chance in life and move 16.000 kilometres to the other side of the world. Moving abroad has given me a huge confidence boost and made me realize what matters in life to me; exploring, writing and photography!

If just a tiny little part of you dreams of moving abroad, my advice is do it. Take the leap and do it. It’s terrifying and nerve-wracking and sometimes hard. However, it’s a great experience that you will never forget. And if it doesn’t work out, you can always go back.

This is a guest post by Nicoline Berthy.

Moving abroad can be scary, but it will help you grow as a person in ways you can't imagine... and if it all goes wrong, don't worry - you can always go back! Nicoline is a 28-year old Dane who decided to leave everything behind and move to Sydney, Australia, a year ago. In Sydney, she is taking her master’s degree in journalism and communication and besides that, running the blog The Serenity Journal. Nicoline has a huge passion for traveling and for being creative visually and in writing, and her biggest dream in life is to live from travel writing when she graduates in a few months.  You can check out her blog here, or follow her on Instagram.