At this stage I have quite a bit of travel experience under my belt and I’ve slept my way through countless hotel beds, comfy ones, not so comfy ones and occasionally truly incredible ones. In fact, quite often I look forward to a night at a nice hotel more than my own bed, because a quality establishment knows what makes people happy between 10pm and 8am.

It was the weekend before Christmas that I got invited to spend a couple of nights at the Wyndham Grand, one of the finer hotels of the Wyndham Hotel Group. I always enjoyed the idea of staying at a hotel in my own city and when this opportunity came up I was happy to jump at it. Here’s why.


The Wyndham Grand is a stone’s throw away from Potsdamer Platz, home to a fun Christmas Market, several larger shopping centers and most recently the Mall of Berlin, which I had been planning to pay a visit. I was still completely without gifts for my loved ones and was set on making this the first time my Christmas shopping would be complimented with at least some level of relaxation. Having just a 10 minute walk to reach Christmas gift haven took away a good chunk of the horror.


I’ve always had a soft spot for Potsdamer Platz as it is the one place in Berlin that has skyscrapers, if only a couple. It always reminds me of New York, whenever I go there, usually to watch a movie at the Sony Center, where a great choice of Original Version movies are on offer. Potsdamer Platz is also a great hub for the S and U-Bahn, guaranteed to get you where you need to be in no time at all.

The Bed


I’m a sucker for luxury hotel beds. They have to be wide and long and soft and feel like home. Except of course that I don’t have a €5000 bed at my house. A good hotel will always put high emphasis on the most comfortable bed possible and once you’ve slept in one of those you’ll know why. A good bed isn’t one you just lie in. A good bed is one you sink into like a swimming pool of clouds, the type of bed you never want to leave, except maybe to enjoy a bath in a freestanding bathtub, which brings me to…

The Bathroom

wyndham grand berlin

After the bed, the hotel bathroom is the most important feature of a hotel room. I loved the one at the Wyndham for being the size of my living room and I’m pretty sure the shower could have fit at least 8 people. When it’s cold outside and your back hurts from carrying heavy shopping bags, nothing is better than finishing the day in a hot bubble bath while watching your favorite TV show on your laptop. Aaaahhhh…

The Restaurant

wyndham grand berlin the post

As a mom of a 6-month old baby I don’t have much choice when it comes to evening entertainment. My boy still wakes up fairly often, which means I can’t go far if I want to go out for dinner or a drink. Upon my request the Wyndham gave me a room that was super close to the hotel’s restaurant  called “The Post”. When my babysitter called that my son had woken up I could quickly run upstairs and do my magic to get him back to sleep. But even if you don’t have a baby, the restaurant at the Wyndham Grand Berlin is wonderful. The decor is impressive and classy, the mood sexy and elegant. Our 3-course meal, as suggested by the chef, was a tasty composition of original flavors, complimented by a lovely selection of wines. Ideal conditions to just enjoy the moment for once.


The Hospitality

Through the years of trying and testing many hotels around the world, my standards have risen and my expectations are high, regarding all points mentioned in this post. While design, food and location are all super important aspects that can make or break a hotel, one thing I always look out for and that usually differentiates a good hotel from a great one is hospitality. The sense that the staff is genuinely friendly, they enjoy working there and they get a kick out of making your stay as enjoyable as possible. There is a fine line between a professional friendliness and a heartfelt welcome and  I certainly felt the latter when arriving at the Wyndham Grand. For a city hotel, that really struck me as a remarkable feature. I mean, check out this thoughtful seasonal welcome they had waiting for me!


The Bar

We get some of our greatest insider tipps through our Instagram followers (are you one of them yet?) so when someone posted “Try a Gin Gimlet at the bar with Duke Munich. Great!” under one of my photos I knew what to do. The Wyndham Grand has the perfect hotel bar, the kind that would look good in a movie, with white leather stools lined up around the bar and plenty of tables. It’s not too crowded, the lighting is perfect and the bartender is nice. And for the record: that Gin Gimlet really is great.

wyndham grand berlin bar

Wyndham Rewards

You’ve heard of miles for air travel, you’re probably even signed up to a bunch of programs that the many airlines out there are affiliated with. But did you know a rewards program like that also existed for hotels? The Wyndham Hotel Group just so happens to offer the biggest rewards system in the world with over 9 Million users already signed up. The way it works is like this: whenever you stay at one of the over 7500 worldwide hotels that are part of the Wyndham Hotel Group you collect rewards which you can then exchange for hotel stays or various premium options. Awesome perks for those signed up: free snacks and drinks upon arrival, room upgrade according to availability and early check-in as well as late check-out.

In the end it all happened for me here. I got all my christmas presents over 2 afternoons spent at surrounding shopping malls. I had the first dinner at a restaurant with a good friend since my son was born and I got the maximum amount of relation a young mother could get this close to Christmas. Thank you for that Wyndham Grand Berlin, I’m sure we’ll meet again, if only for another Gin Gimlet or two.

*This post was created in collaboration with Wyndham Hotel Group