With Berlin’s endless winter weather getting to me, a spring break to the Mediterranean is what I needed desperately – and Marbella, the small city right on Spain’s Sunshine Coast, was the perfect destination for just that!

The towering mountains in the back create a special climate: the temperatures never drop below 10 degrees, and to live up to the name of Costa del Sol it boasts the most sunshine days of the whole country. I don’t know about you, but researching the weather and packing I get the feeling I’m just going to stay and never return!

We were greeted at Malaga airport and after a quick car ride along the lush coast line we arrive at Amare Marbella Beach Hotel. I swear as soon as I entered the lobby, the soft gushing of the waves in the background, the winter dropped off my shoulders. I’m having trouble believing my eyes (that are slightly sensitive because they haven’t seen the actual sun for… like months?) when I see our room: champagne, a fruit platter and a full front sea view – don’t mind if I do!

Also don’t mind if I pass out a little tipsy on the huge bed while listening to the waves, I’m very excited and a little overwhelmed.

Love love love

Amàre means to love and I could tell right away I was going to love everything about this. From the gym to the roof top bar the aesthetics of the place are above and beyond, everything is white and open with a minimalistic maritime design. Not to mention the snack bar where I found a piece of cake waiting for me at almost every hour of the day. If that isn’t love, I really don’t know what is.

Food Food Food

From the breakfast buffet to the à la carte dinner, the food is very international, offering something for everyone. Starting one’s day with pecan pie, pancakes, fresh fruit or a selection of breads and spreads (if you are wondering, I had everything) is precisely the kind of morning I imagined can otherwise only be had in heaven, and I’m not sure where to book that one. And dinners? Think traditional Andalusian with a vegetarian/vegan and gluten free selection that made my animal-loving heart jump!


While I could easily alternate between the beach club and the pool for days sipping cocktails in the sun, the 24 hour gym was there to use and those free yoga classes twice a week really did their job in waking my zen! In all honesty I was too busy working on my perfect tan to take advantage of all the offers but that personal trainer or the flamenco classes sure sounded most appealing. But hey, what’s better than spening your sun-filled daytime at the gym? Riding a bike throughout town! Lucky for me did Amare have bikes for rent at reception and I was off to explore.

And I didn’t need to go far at all! The charming old town of Marbella is just across the street from the hotel and offers lots of enchanting narrow alleys, adorable white houses that double as the perfect Instagram backdrop, blooming orange trees scenting the streets and squares and many artisan stores that focus on local handmade goods. A photographer’s paradise!

Spa by Germaine de Capuccini

The hotel spa seems to be an institution around town, because even our city tour guide was a little jealous when he heard about our evening plans. An hour of hydrotherapy and sauna was exactly what I needed and it went by way too fast. Luckily it was followed by a body scrub and massage treatment that left my skin feeling super soft. Note to self: reevaluate life style choices. Book more massage treatments. Debate moving to a sunny coastal town in Spain? Ok never mind.

When our last day rolled around I wasn’t ready to leave. Even a week later, typing this, I have already checked flights back to Marbella and scrolled spas in my home town. A long breakfast with all the goodies and a walk by the beach were the perfect finale and a moment to imprint the palm trees and the sound of the waves into my head. Leaving this little slice of paradise is especially hard when the destination is Berlin’s snowy spring, but it was the perfect spot to get in some sunshine and prepare for summer.

Thank you to the Amare Marbella for the invitation and The Marbella Tourism Board for the city tour.

All pictures (c) Constanze Neubert.