Dear travelettes,

as I have been traveling throughout the States, I came across a phenomenon that was yet unfamiliar to me. A way to get low-budget deals on high standard hotels. It’s called

After a fellow German traveler told me that his friends paid only $28 for a night at the Sheraton Hotel I just had to try it for myself, and what do you know? I found a $59 room at the amazing Chateau LeMoyne Hotel in New Orleans’s French Quarter. Comes with a heated pool, breakfast in bed and lovely original features. Usually, the rates at this hotel are around $169, so I saved a good 65%.

How it works:

You enter the city you’re interested in and select the neighborhood you’d best like to stay in. Hotwire then suggests hotels to you. without revealing their names or exact adress. However, they do tell you what anemities the hotels have and their star-rating. That way you can be sure not to get dumped somewhere.

Try it sometime!

Chateau LeMoyne

Hotel Chateau LeMoyne in New Orleans