Hey ladies,

I have to confess I have a huge coffee addiction. And as any others with similar afflictions know, traveling can cause an upset to our caffeination routines. Before I left for Europe I was rather used to soy lattes or watery American drip coffee. Living in Budapest without a coffeemaker, I adjusted to instant coffee from a jar. In Bosnia and Croatia I picked up Turkish coffee, switched back to dark coffee shop espresso in Italy, and finally fell in love with stove-top percolated espresso on an Austrian dairy farm. Back at home I was not ready to switch back to weak Folger’s, and I couldn’t afford to hit up the café every morning. I searched high and low for my perfect Bialetti stove-top pot.

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When I finally secured this glorious six cup maker, I realized what an ideal travel product this is.  The one or two cup models are very compact and portable, and even the larger sizes come apart into just a few parts, which can easily be stuffed into any backpack or suitcase. Just add some ground espresso, water, and heat. Never again will I see a coffee-less camping trip, as this baby can easily be popped over a campfire grate as well. You can find one online direct from Bialetti or used on Ebay. Many coffee chains sell them at their shops as well. It’s likely I’ll be ditching a pair of heels to stuff it into my backpack for my next big overseas trip, though I must say it was rather fun to get a taste of all the different coffee styles I sampled abroad!

How do you take on caffeination and coffee culture when you’re halfway around the world?

post by Jackie Clark