It’s usually when you’re stuck at home with a terribly dull yet ever-so-urgent task or assignment, that you start reminiscing about past holidays or daydreaming about the next vacation getaway. Combine an accute case of itchy feet and the inability to leave your current whereabouts even if just for a single day, and you’ve got yourself a homemade catastrophe.

So what to do when your next voyage seems miles away (no pun intended) and yet you’re still feel like you need! to! get! away!?

Find your own little oasis, a personal mini-getaway, in the city that you live in.


My personal haven of  relaxation is located a mere 10 minutes away from Alexanderplatz, one of the busiest and most densely populated areas in Berlin. Coffee Cahoona is a hawaiian-style drive-through coffee shop that offers a variety of hot and cold drinks, as well as delicious sandwhiches, baked goods, and (for the healthy ones out there) “muesli to go”. The coffee sold here is actually produced from Kona coffee beans, which are flown in from Hawaii.


In the summer time, when most of my friends and family had already left Berlin for their well-deserved vacations, I frequently made trips to Coffee Cahoona to lighten my mood and daydream about being far, far away. I would ride my bike there and actually enter the drive-through on it, to the amusement of both the barista and the hordes of tourists passing by. In front of the drive-through there is actually a small patch of sand with  a parasol and two lounge chairs on it… the perfect place to soak up some sun and people-watch,  vanilla frap-a-hoona in hand…

I can highly recommend a visit to Coffee Cahoona to anyone travelling to Berlin. Hop on a bike, turn up the volume on that Jack Johnson and enjoy the (almost-)hawaiian atmosphere in the middle of the concrete jungle.

Coffee Cahoona is located on Leipziger Strasse 12 in Berlin-Mitte. For more information, you might also like to check out their website or the Facebook page (free drink offers!).