Traveling Europe can result in a rainbow of emotional responses – surprises lurk everywhere. A trip will make your eyes widen and your heart beat faster. The amount of hidden, breathtaking places seems endless, the many different landscapes and diverse cultures inspire awe and wonder.

During a 6-week long road trip along the Spanish and French coastline I got to know another angle of Europe and discovering many stunning regions, some of which I hadn’t even heard about before. One of my favourite stopovers was the French beach ‘Plage de Cenitz’ which lies hidden behind the idyllic and picturesque Basque village of Guéthary from which a steep and stony way leads down to the coastline. After a whirlwind of adventure and the desire to find a quiet place to spend the night we accidentally found this spot. Just perfect. The parking lot was on top of a hill, providing a wonderful view over the ocean and you have no other choice than looking into the distance and dreaming away.

trav_hiden beauty Cenitz Guethary France guethary

Morning View from our tent

I have probably spent hours watching the sea, discovering the area and splashing in the waters, not to forget the opportunity to go for a surf.

surfer boy trav_05 surfer sunset

I don’t know exactly why this place has been so special to me – maybe it was the sudden change of never-ending sandy beaches to a rocky, small, hidden piece of land, maybe it was the romantic atmosphere or the fact that you could overlook the beach from the cliffs while having wine and dinner, I don’t know what it was, but this place definitely is magnificent.

Where is Plage de Cenitz:  
It is located  between Biarritz (France) and the Spanish border.

How to get there:
It was quite a hassle finding this place again, but finally our GPS lead us there.
Adress: Plage de Cenitz, 64210 Guéthary

What else to do there:   
Go on a shopping and sightseeing trip to Biarritz.
Visit the Sunday market of Saint Jean de Luz.
Watch some real surfing pro’s at Lafitenia, the prior “Quicksilver World Masters” spot or learn to surf on one of the many surfing beaches in the area.
Travel to Spain and spend a wild party night in San Sebastian.