Almost everyone enjoys a few quiet days on the beach reading a good book and relaxing in the sun. However, sometimes you just need to let your hair down, drink, dance and party till your feet scream STOP. So here are five of our favorite places to forget your name and let your alter ego run wild!

1) Prague

As probably one of the only cities in the world boasting a Sex Toy Museum as one of its main tourist attractions and more seedy looking bars than you can count (serving absinthe by the pint glass), Prague well deserves a place on the list of hedonistic cities!

Talking about absinthe; did you know that in the US & many other countries this green liquor is illegal – it became synonymous with excess and indulgence and was banned as officials didn’t approve of the effects it was having on society! If you want advice on how to sip absinthe like a local then follow the example of the Czech’s – First pour a generous dose into a glass. Stir with a spoon then dip the wet spoon into some sugar. Carefully light the spoon on fire allowing the sugar to caramelise and drip into the absinthe. Finally add the remaining caramelised sugar into the shot, drink (remembering to blow out the flame first if it’s still alight!) and await the green fairy.

2) Berlin

There are so many cities that claim to have a 24-hour party scene but few really live up to this reputation like the German capital does. I mean just take a look at some of Katja’s photos (above) and it’s clear to see that Berliners know how to have a good time!  According to Katja, partying at Berghain, Bar 25, HBC and Madame Claude are a must (and as our resident party animal she should know). Maybe hanging out in abandoned fun fair parks (Spreepark) straight out of Alice in Wonderland is more your thing, but whatever your scene is Berlin has something that will quench your partying thirst and illicit desires.

3) Las Vegas

The city that never ever sleeps and the world capital of sin, you couldn’t have a list of hedonistic cities without including Las Vegas. Built simply to seduce you then bleed you dry, whatever you Achilles heel, you can find it in Vegas! Casio’s, clubs, strip joints, bars and even wedding chapels the choice is overwhelming and it’s all open 24 hours a day 365 days a year. I strongly recommend passing by the bar Fat Tuesdays for one of their world famous daiquiris to help kick-start your weekend of debauchery then I’ll leave the rest up to you, because let’s face it; you won’t have to look hard. And if you still haven’t had enough by the time you have to leave, don’t worry; the airport is equipped with plenty of slot machines for that last flutter.

4) Ibiza

From May till Setpember, Ibiza is jam-packed, filled with hundreds of incredible parties featuring famous & talented DJs from across the world. Mix that with the constant sunshine, free-flowing alcohol, beautiful beaches and even more beautiful people, Ibiza is THE destination if you’re looking to let your hair down this summer. Check our this Ibiza party calendar to ensure you don’t miss out on the hottest parties when in town oh and make sure you pack plenty of bikinis for all those foam parties you’ll be attending!

5) Thailand

If you are looking for cheap hotels, great food and only the best parties, this is where you want to be. With their legendary full-moon and, slightly less infamous but no less fun, half-moon parties, Thailand dishes up a lot of crowd-pleasing places for you to party like there is no tomorrow. Rum&Coke by the bucket, BBQ on the beach and open-air dance fun are pretty much to be found at every corner – definately not easy to resist for any self-respecting hedonist.

The capitol of Bangkok, with the backpacker strip Khao San Road, where tons of different pubs, bars and clubs line up – you are likely to find the right spot for you. Further South, most islands you go to, will provide you with fantastic beach parties amonst a young and international crowd.

So ladies, anywhere else to add to the list of hedonistic locations?