Growing up in the North of Germany has taught me two things; firstly, there is no such thing as bad weather, there is only unproper clothing. Secondly, there is no use getting annoyed about the weather, best is just live with it.

Then I moved to Berlin and got spoiled by hot summers, the ones where you spend the day swimming in the lake and the nights out in the park or up on the roof.
This year everything seems to be different and I keep asking myself the same question: Where is the summer???

As nobody seems to have an answer to this, I remembered what rainy Hamburg has taught me, stopped complaining and figured out how to have fun on a rainy day in Berlin without getting wet!

Below I share my hot dry spots with you!

1. If you are sick of sitting at home and in need of some exercise, I suggest a walk underneath the U1. You can start at the famous Oberbaumbrücke and walk all the way to Prinzenstrasse. On the right and left you will find plenty of cafés and bars.
Café favorite: Baretto – in my opinion the best coffee in town. It is located at Wrangelstrasse, 41 only 50 m away from the U1 line.

Favorite bar around here: Kirk – drinks are not cheap here, but the barkeeper definitely knows what he is doing. They also have a fireplace –  the perfect spot for a rainy day.

2. If you want to get wet, than you should check out the Liquidrom – it is a day spa with all kinds of different saunas and salty water pool.

3. See the rain as a chance to get inspired by art and culture. Visit the Martin- Gropius Bau. The exhibition hall is known for its greatly curated shows, exhibiting the work of famous artists such as Frida Kahlo, Olafur Eliasson and Henri Cartier- Bresson – to name just a few. Currently they are showing photographies of the Hungarian André Kertes.

4. Hungry? But not in the mood for a fancy restaurant?! Check out Konnopkes Imbiss! Here you can enjoy your Currywurst, without having raindrops falling on your head. It is located underneath the U2, right at Eberswalder Strasse station.

5. Use the bad weather to surf the net, catch up on silly gossip and turn strangers into friends. Best if you do all this over a fantastic cup of coffee at the Cuccuma café at Zossener Strasse (subway station Gneisenaustrasse). As far as I know it is the friendliest café in Berlin. The owners of the Cuccuma – Serkan and Murat – create an atmosphere where people naturally start talking to each other. They have free wifi and a great collection of magazines. Must-try: the delicious Applehörnchen, homemade by Serkans’ mom.

6. Last but not least, forget about not getting wet, take your shoes off and dance, dance, dance in the rain!

All this and more can also be found in this video we made:

Text: Karolin Langfeldt

Pictures & Video: Luise Müller-Hofstede