Spending the past two years in Hamburg, there was a lot of free time in my student life that needed to be filled. One of my favorite ways to spend our time with my friends was over coffee and cake at a charming café called Herr Max.

University lessons starting at 12am or even 2pm, meant enough time for a sweet breakfast there. I was the luckyenough to live very close. “Herr Max” is run by three girls, and a lot of helping hands. They bake their own cakes, tarts, muffins, cupcakes, cookies, petit fours, croissants and so much more, that I don’t even have the space to list it all. Everything is freshly out of the oven with a first come, first serve policy. If you’re late, they might already be sold out for the day. You can never be sure what they have and it changes according to the season. In summer they even make their own ice cream.



The place itself looks like it’s entirely made out of sugar cake. Everything is light blue or cream-colored. No matter at what time you come, (yes even at an early hour like 10 in the morning) the place is always filled. By some magical circumstance, however, one chair is always available for you.


It’s the only place where Caramel Macchiato is served with real caramel. Itis so good that I just ate it right from the cup it was served in and nothing was left for my coffee. Luckily you can simply order another one.




Herr Max is as sweet as it looks and so are the cakes. There is something for every taste. Even a few non-sweet things. The best time to come here is around November, when they start heating the oven. Having your breakfast there makes you not want to leave.


This post was written by guets author Marlen Stahlhuth.