Moin, Moin!

It seems like there is a “exploring your own country” theme going on here within my latest posts. That might be the result of being a full time employee and only be able to travel for weekend short trips. But Germany has a lot to offer, so last weekend I took the opportunity of a day off at work to visit friends in Hamburg for a couple of days. After it took us 3 hours to get out of Berlin by car due to worst traffic ever (bad idea to leave town at rush hour) we finally managed to arrive at our friends’ place late friday. Saturday was all about sightseeing but the sun convinced us to be taking it easy and we just did a walk along the areas of Landungsbrücken and Speicherstadt along with a lot of sit ins next to the water. I fell in love with this beautiful city all over again and I hope the following photos are proof enough!

If you happen to be in Hamburg, make sure to take a trip on one of the public HVV Ferries. They only cost you normal public transportation fees and they go the same way as touristic boat tours.

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