When arriving in a city you’ve never been to before, you probably like to wander around, stop to marvel at cute shops, sample a delectable ice-cream and take as many photos as possible of everything you see. In a matter of a few days you try to get the best all-round picture a tourist could get of a city but even with all the walking and the most in-depth study of your guidebook you still risk to miss out on some of the best spots. In the case of Buenos Aires one of those spots is Cafe Hierbabuena.

In a city that is renowned for dishing up some of the best meat in the world it can be tough finding good organic and vegetarian fare. So when after my first 2 days in Buenos Aires I discovered this place it felt like a heavenly vacation from the meat and carb diet I had been enjoying until then. Each meal-time is a good time to visit Hierbuabuena, we came here for breakfast though. Grab a freshly squeezed juice or smoothie with your eggs any style and do not miss out on their delicious pancakes with berries and cream.

The menu doesn’t stop there. Their all-vegan salads as well as their salmon with grilled vegetables get rave reviews and all meals are prepared with the freshest and organic ingredients with often a unique blend of flavors. Vegetarians are likely to love the mushroom burgers or the meat patties prepared without meat. This place will make you and your tastebuds feel right at home.

Other than great food, Hierbabuena is magical for its unique decor. Its location used to be an old naval hardware shop and some of those elements have been kept around and mixed with lots and lots of green (hierbabuena means peppermint). Whenever you think you’ve seen it all, something new catches your eye like the toy car that’s been remodeled into a plant holder, the collection of vintage tea pots on the wall, or the pretty words of wisdom that have been lovingly painted on the wall. I especially like the green tiles around the kitchen window making an awesome eyecatcher next to the beautiful mint green stripes on the wall behind the bar.

If you want to bring home some of Hierbabuena’s goodness, you can opt into buying one of their organic teas and olive oils. What I really would like for them to add to the shop is their decoration though, the finds you could make would make any flea market blush.

Hierbabuena is located on Avenida Caseros 454 in the beautiful neighborhood of San Telmo.

Opening hours are Tue-Sun 8:30am-12am, Mon 8:30am-6pm.