I’ve seen some pretty cool and crazy sights over the years but really nothing compares to Bryce Canyon national park in good old Utah USA.

Time for a physical geography lesson on this travel blog; interestingly you can’t really use the word “canyon” to describe Bryce because it is carved by freeze-thaw cycles, not a river (this travelette is a geography geek) but call it what you want, there is nothing else comparable! This jaw dropping forest of stone really has to be seen to be believed and blew me away 100 times more than its arch rival the Grand Canyon. Erosion has carved the colourful Claron limestone into thousands of spires, fins, arches, columns and mazes allowing me and my friends to spend hours playing “who or what do you think this rock looks like?” (there really is a rock could be the spitting image of Queen Victoria). The colours are so vibrant so try and time your visit on a sunny day with bright blue skies; the shades of orange are incredible against a clear sky backdrop.

IMG_1507 IMG_1526 IMG_1536 IMG_1528

Bryce is an incredible place if you love to hike.  Also, hiking is also the best way to see the most of this incredible landscape. I hope if you ever get the opportunity to visit Bryce you’ll be as blow away as I was.