Google Maps has always been an excellent tool for the Travelette on an adventure. We’ve all done some version of the head in this direction for X amount of time, hop onto this ferry and head north towards that street at one point or another. Google Maps has, more or less, done well in leading us from city to city, region to region, and even country to country. But how does it fare when leading us from country to country when there is an ocean in between?

I discovered the most amusing thing through a friend who researched directions from China to Japan out of boredom one day. Apparently once you’ve made it to the very east coast of China, you will be instructed to “Jet ski across the Pacific Ocean”. I kid you not.

The Travelette is undoubtedly strong-willed and travel savvy; she has always come equipped with the right gear and technology. I suppose now that the laundry list of travel necessities has expanded itself to a set of jet skis. And now apparently – when a trip from San Francisco to Melbourne is concerned – a kayak…

But if that still not enough for you, and you feel you’ve mastered the craft of traversing the ocean via some watercraft, how about taking it to the next level and rocking out with nothing but your own four limbs? A set of directions using this method of transportation can be found when Google Mapping directions from Taiwan to Japan.

I am speaking in hyperbole of course but am definitely not pulling your leg here. If you don’t believe me, try it out for yourself!