Would I trade a sandy beach for an exciting mountain adventure? Swimming in a calm lake for racing down a rapid torrent? Or strolling through a crowded city for hiking along a lonely path? Am I an explorer myself? And do I like to meet people with the same passion?
If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to all of the above you will want to read on. Let me introduce you to the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour.

Just in time for the season opening in late November Banff, the little village in the centre of the Canadian Rocky Mountains national parks, turns into a melting pot for nature loving mountaineers, freaky extreme athletes, and daring filmmakers and authors – or, as the festival puts it: „from armchair adventurers to weekend warriors, to the international mountain community“ – everyone gathers for the annual Mountain Film Festival. It shows films from around the world about climbing, hiking and treks, the wildest places of the world, the most extreme ideas of exploring and of course mountains and its people.
When you go on reading about its programme, you will soon figure out that it just can’t be right that this great event is only being held once a year in a tiny village in Canada. There has to be another way to see the films than flying in to Banff. And there is: you don’t have to go to the festival, the festival comes to you on its World Tour!


The Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour stops in over 40 countries, and also visits several cities in Germany, my home for the moment. Starting in Munich on Feb, 16th, the touring cultural event makes its way from South to North, from East to West, and will end in Bonn on March, 24th. Find all the dates for Germany, Austria and Switzerland right here, if you’re looking for dates in other countries you will find your answers here.

Banff Montain Film Festival teams up with Radical Reels to include „action only“ films – focusing on high-adrenaline sports like skiing, kayaking or base jumping. The best movies of the festival are sent on their way into peoples’ minds around the globe – here’s some of my favourites:

Crossing The Ice
(2012, Australia, 44‘)
Director: Justin Jones
Two Australians, who’ve never stood on skies before make their way to the most Southern point of Earth. Always in competition with a Norwegian who was virtually born with skies.

Mountains in Motion
(2012, USA, 15’)
Directors: Paul Zizka, Doug Urquhart
A time-lapse year in the Rocky Mountains – breathtaking landscapes and marvellous views.

Last of the Great Unknown
(2012, USA, 23‘)
Director: Dan Ransom
Who has not heard of Grand Canyon before? Yet, there are still many places where no man has gone before. That’s where you will follow explorer Rich Rudow.

Flow Hunters
(2012, New Zealand, 9‘)
Director: Jon Forder
Four guys are hunting down the best and most dangerous kayaking spots in New Zealand – taking you with them.

The Denali Experiment
(USA, 2011, 16‘)
Director: Jimmy Chin
Two uneperienced free-riders attempt to climb Mt. Denali in Alaska from the bottom to the top. Watch them fight the ice.

As you can see the films feature a broad variety of different sports and adventures. Just one thing to criticize: Where are all the girls exploring the mountains of the world?
Go see the films, get inspired and plan your own adventures. Maybe we’ll see you on the screens next year!

This is a post by Kathi Kamleitner.

Kathi Kamleitner was a regular contributor at Travelettes from 2013 to 2019. Originally from Vienna, Austria, she packed her backpack to travel the world and lived in Denmark, Iceland and Berlin, before settling in Glasgow, Scotland. Kathi is always preparing her next trip – documenting her every step with her camera, pen and phone.

In 2016, Kathi founded Scotland travel blog WatchMeSee.com to share her love for her new home, hiking in the Scottish Highlands, island hopping and vegan food. Follow her adventures on Instagram @watchmesee!