Stunning landscape. Amazing surf. Beautiful ladies. Awesome waves. Insane surf tricks. Incredible cinematography. I cannot think of anymore ways to describe this insanely great, short, conceptual film featuring the talented Dion Agius doing his thing in the world’s best wave pool in the Middle East’s Abu Dhabi.

Globe’s ‘Electric Blue Heaven’ portrays 7 minutes of remarkable production of Dion being unleashed on the world’s best man-made wave in the middle of a desert mountain range. This setting, plus ten Russian models looking enviously good in their teeny bikinis, blinding scorching sun, exotic waters and a Lamborghini makes this short film mesmerising and hypnotic, to the point where I would cut off my right arm to be there with them.

The trailer to the film was released last week and got hugely hyped up by the surf scene as the interesting concept looked incredible! Globe released the full film on the 19th June and it has been raved about non-stop. And for good reason.

It’s reminiscent of old 1980’s television dramas and with its summer vibe so incredibly strong, it makes me wish for summer to roll back around in wintery old Melbourne as soon as possible… watch it and join me in Summer/Abu Dhabi surfing lust!

Thank you, director Joe G. Electric Blue Heaven is genius and beautiful.

image 1 via Swell Watch, image 2 via Stab Mag, image 3 via Surfing Magazine, image 4 via Stoke Report, image 5 via Forever Ocean Bound, Video via WeAreGlobeTV, image 6 via

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