Dry heat has never been my thing. Other than just about every person from Central Europe who I had this discussion with, I prefer the humid air of the rainforest over the arid climate of deserts. When I visited the Californian Death Valley a few years back and we took a short walk in a small canyon, the dry air made my lungs feel compressed, my body deprived of all water – I felt uneasy and had to sit down in the shade for a few moments. I think my body just can’t deal with that kind of heat.

And yet, I dream of visiting the desert again – blame it on too much Sex and the City 2 (I don’t even like that film), but I want to live in the lands of Scheherazade in between the sand dunes of Africa or the Middle East. As a first-timer I don’t even care where exactly my journey will take me – as long as there is golden sand surrounding me, colourful cushions piled up and waiting to be sat on and people clad in white floor-length gowns offering me (dressed in the same style) a cup of tea. Another thing I know is that my first time in the desert should be in one of these traveletty tent camps:

Glamping in the Desert - 5 Cool Tent Camps - Desert Camp Namibia

1. Desert Camp, Namibia

Admittedly, this can hardly be called a tent camp, but OH MY GOD Desert Camp in the south-east of Namibia, near Sossusvlei desert looks incredible. In addition to just looking rad, the camp also applies eco-friendly schemes like water saving measures and the generation of solar energy. The little huts have canvas walls and a little veranda to watch the sunset over the sand dunes. The camp is affiliated with the Sossusvlei Lodge and guests can book tours through the lodge’s “adventure centre”. If I had to choose from their offers, I’d probably go for a hot air balloon ride and a nature walk to learn more about the area.

Glamping in the Desert - 5 Cool Tent Camps - Camels

2. Bedouin Meditation Camp, Jordan

Bedouin Meditation Camp is owned and run by a local Bedouin family, so you can be sure that you will experience authentic camp life. The camp is located in a protected area, close to Wadi Rum in the far south of Jordan, and is approved by the government – the main emphasis is to teach guests about the Bedouin culture and raise awareness for the importance of keeping the region as pristine as possible. The offered activities include desert safaris to see the wildlife and rock climbing in the near-by hills. If you feel like it you can even spend a night outside right under the stars or in a cave and keep warm with candles and Bedouin whiskey.

Glamping in the Desert - 5 Cool Tent Camps - Desert Camp Oman

3. Arabian Oryx Camp, Oman

Arabian Oryx Camp lies in the middle of the Sharqiya desert in Oman’s Empty Quarters and is made up of several Bedouin-style tents. They all come with a tiled floor, private bathroom and – believe it or not – air conditioning. How easily can one forget that she is in a tent, not a bungalow? A campfire in the social area warms up the cool desert evenings and sounds like a great setting for traditional music and munching on local specialities. The camp is surrounded by sand dunes, so adventure is at your doorstep. Activities include speedy sand-boarding and tranquil camel safaris in the sunset.

Glamping in the Desert - 5 Cool Tent Camps - Merzouga Camp Morocco

4. Merzouga Camp, Morocco

Merzouga lies in the western part of the grand Sahara desert in Morocco. Merzouga Camp is just 1km off the breathtaking Erg Chebbi dunes and one hour away from the nearest village. The fact that all guests have to ride in on camels comes as a welcome treat! Guests share bathrooms – hello, camping – and stay in colourful tents with comfy beds and pretty pillows – hello, glamping. Apart from the obvious activities – star-gazing, playing “the floor is lava” and hopping from carpet to carpet, picnics in the sand dunes – the camp offers the option to go on 4×4 excursions or more chilled camel treks.

Glamping in the Desert - 5 Cool Tent Camps - Dunes Egypt 2

5. Dunes Mobile Camp, Egypt

Also in the Sahara, but on the other side of the desert lies Dunes Mobile Camp in Egypt. This camp has only three tents, which means that the view of the White Desert and surrounding hills belongs almost to yourself. The transfer from Cairo is free of charge – after all around 7 hours by car. Guests are treated to traditional food and music and get to sleep in beautiful white tents which are decorated with colourful tassels. The bizarre formations of the White Desert are a stunning surrounding, ideal for nature walks and short treks. It is however also one of the hottest places in the world.

Glamping in the Desert - 5 Cool Tent Camps - Sand

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