Something I always look out for when I travel is how a particular area or city is providing for their inhabitants, in terms of cultural landscaping but also how innovative they are in creating a comfortable living space for locals and visitors alike.

During my recent visit to Queensland and the city of Cairns in particular, one of the first things that caught my attention were the daily sports classes offered along the esplanade, the center of all activity in Cairns. They offer everything from Yoga over Pilates to Beach Volleyball or Aqua Aerobics and everything is free of charge and accessible to anyone and everyone.

When I saw that they also had a Zumba class happening each Tuesday I knew I had to join it. I had done Zumba only once before at home in Berlin but that was enough for me to know that it’s one of the funniest ways to get busy and work your body out and I was keen to get pumping with a group that would largely exceed the 40 people from my gym class back home.

The class started at 5.30 pm, right around sunset time. The timing was most likely a measure to ensure that no sun would burn down on attendees while getting sweaty with Zumba moves. The turn-out was amazing. There must have been around 500 people, mostly young women, but also older folks, kids, men, tourists, sporty people, unsporty people, women in dresses, you get the picture. This class was something for everyone.

The instructors were 3 women who did a truly fantastic job in motivating the crowds and spreading a fun vibe that kept everyone involved and really getting into it. I loved that all three were of different shape, setting a great example to attendants that you don’t need to be skinny to be in shape. Everyone felt good about being there, no one cared how they looked in the process of doing those moves, it was simply a matter of having a good time while getting a fantastic all body workout.

And because Zumba is such a fun and lovely sport, I made a little video to show you just how easy it is. I recommend you check out Zumba classes in a gym or a dance studio near you as it will most certainly brighten your day.


Things like those free classes in the park are setting a lovely example to the community, giving sports and staying healthy a fun and positive image. So if you happen to visit the city of Cairns any time soon – don’t forget to get your move on at some of the classes provided! For an up to date timetable as well as some more info on the single activities on offer, check out the Cairns Esplanade website.

If you know of other cities offering free classes,  please share the relevant links in the comments below.