Lately, we seem to be talking a lot about various ways to satiate our desire for travel when it just isn’t possible to pack our bags and leave home. Looking at travel-inspired fashion editorials and blogs, shopping online for unique world wide gifts, and planning your next trip are all high on the list. Another thing I like to do, which appeals a bit to my nerdy side, is to play country games. Whether it’s Africa or South East Asia, I can spend a great deal of time labeling maps over and over until I’m a pro. My favorite format, a simple map labeling game, is shown below, but the internet offers a wide variety of regions and techniques. For real geo buffs, you can find those that will test you on capital cities, rivers, or other features.

Picture 1

Looking at maps always has me dreaming of where to go next, and now I can also have the geography memorized down pat so as not to make a faux pas when I finally do make it to whatever region I’m dreaming of visiting. Not to mention this is the perfect short break procrastination technique for long hours of studying or working!

post by Jackie Clark

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