A German Coast Guard is sitting in his office. Suddenly a radio signal from another ship comes in: „we are sinking, we are sinking“
The German Coastguard seems to be quite calm and asks „What are you thinking about?“

Oh yes, the ,th‘ is definitely not our strength and the poor captain might have survived if there wasn’t this ‘little’ misunderstanding. Communicating in English can be hard sometimes, especially when people have expressions that make absolutely no sense in English – after reading Sophie‘s post about the differences between Australian and British English I had to think about some funny expressions that my dad sent me some time ago. This is a laugh for all Germans and even a better laugh for everyone else. Well, take this as a lesson and learn the 15 ultimate ‘Germanlish’ sentences.

Mouth - talking Germanlish

1.) „It walks me ice-cold down the back“ – I am scared

2.) „I understand just train station“ – I don‘t get it

3.) „My lovely Mr. Singing Club“ – Holy moly

4.) „I am foxdevilswild“ – I m really mad

5.) „Sorry my english is under all pig“ – Sorry, my English is really messed up

6.) „I think i spider“ – I can‘t believe it

7.) „Come on… jump over your shadow“ – Be brave!

8.) „You walk me animally to the cookie“ – You are getting on my nerves like crazy

9.) „Now it goes around the sausage“ – It‘s crunch time

10.) „I hold it in head not out“ – I can‘t stand it anymore

11.) „I see black for you“ – That doesn‘t look too good for you

12.) „Give not so on“ – Don‘t shoot the bull

13.) „Do you want to walk with me?“ – Do you want to be my girl-/boyfriend?

14.) „You have not more all cups in the board“ – You are absolutely crazy

15.) „I fell from all clouds“ – I was totally surprised

Do you know any other funny expressions from other countries?