Can you imagine to enter a plane in rainy London and four hours later enjoy the sunshine in Melbourne? Hard to believe, but this might become true in the not too distant future. British scientists have developed a concept for a new ‘hypersonic’ plane, which could change the way we travel drastically. This project is “part of an EU drive to push forward the boundaries of air travel“. According to The Guardian it is possible to offer 10% of flights in hypersonic planes within the next 25 years.

This would mean: No hurting backs and bums and no need for microwaved food anymore – just enough time to watch a movie, get your make-up done and have a flirt with the guy sitting next to you. Sounds too good, doesn’t it? Even though trial flights have failed so far, there is constant development and scientists are confident that this might be the new way of traveling in the future.

Maybe the fastest plane ever: the hypersonic plane

The eco-friendly plane would travel through space with a speed of 3000mph and could reach Australia from Europe in about 3-5 hours. A flight from London to New York would just take about 50 minutes and flying from New York to L.A. would just need 12minutes (according to Mail Online and The Guardian)- which is even shorter than my regular flights from England to Germany. So maybe soon we can just hop on a plane for a short shopping trip to the Big Apple!

But the reduction of travel time is not the only innovation that comes with air travel of the future. Also design and in-flight-entertainment are soon going to take a whole new dimension: Another plane, the airbus, is being developed and will feature a 360-degree-panorama view with transparent cabins, virtual reality games and seats that mould around your body – all powered by natural resources like body heat and other chemical processes.

Instead of Business and economy class they want to create “new experiences through different seating ‘zones’ where passengers can move freely and work, relax or socialise” (Terminal U, 2011). This means we don’t need to spend hours and hours sitting in our tiny seat feeling nostalgic about our forthcoming holiday, but instead feel like on an actual holiday even during the flight. The flight then becomes a time to make friends, play games together or just sip on a cocktail while enjoying the incredible view on the world below.

The 360-degree-panorama view gets enabled through something called “intelligent cabin”, a cabin which can turn see-through as soon as you touch a button allowing you to see the outside world pass by. Those who are anxious about flying or scared of heights could move away from the see-through window front and play a virtual game of golf, made possible by holographic pop-up gaming displays.

Virtual gaming rooms

But not only virtual gaming will take place on board but also virtual information on mountains or the area around, will be available- such as shown in the picture below.

Furthermore the new airbus concept will have something that every Travelette dreams of: a shopping section with virtual changing rooms. And as if that wasn’t enough to fulfill this girl’s dream – there will be a “vitalizing zone” which focuses on our health and well-being with vitamin enriched air and mood lightening.

You probably are wondering when this dream of an airplane will be ready for boarding. The aircraft manufacturer has not announced any specific date when this concept is ready to enter the market, but within the next 40 years there are likely to be drastic changes happening in the aircraft industry that will put far more focus on improved in flight well-being and entertainment of passengers.

Watch a short preview of the airbus and how flying in the future could look like:

360-degree panorama view