Young or old, we all smile and giggle at the rather humorous names of well known travel destinations like Phuket, Thailand and Lake Titticaca, Peru.

Of course, there are many more hilarious city and town names in countries all around the world. Here’s our top 15 funny city and town names to visit:

North America

1. Dildo, Canada – this small town was named by Captain James Cook who mapped the province of Newfoundland. It’s been said Cook chose such silly names on purpose in order to offend those who were “overly sensitive”.


2. Hell, United States – no one’s really sure how this town in Michigan got its name. Some think that town founder George Reeves decided the name when asked what the town should be called. He responded “I don’t care; you can name it Hell for all I care.”

3. Climax, United States – you may think that “Welcome to Climax” might be an expression uttered at the height of sexual pleasure. But no, it’s a sign that displays as you enter the town of Climax in the state of Georgia.

4. Intercourse, United States – this town in Pennsylvania often makes top 10 lists of Worst American city names. Nearby towns are named Blue Balls and Bird In Hand!


5. Titty Ho, UK – this is a country full of funny city and town names like Booze, Bottom Flash and Cold Blow. Why not add Titty Ho to the mix?

6. Fucking, Austria – the most notorious of all funny city and town names in the world is that of Fucking. To the dismay of Germans who were “not amused”, British kids took to stealing the town’s signs as souvenirs. Yet to the Brits? It’s “all about Fucking”.

7. Penistone, UK – those sex crazed Brits are at it again with a town called Penistone.

8. Wank, Germany – not to be overshadowed by the British, the Germans have a funny town called Wank in the Southern area of the country. If you make your way there, you can visit the town’s high summit and take in leisure activities “on the Wank”.


9. Sexmoan, Philippines – now more appropriately named Sasmuan, this town was incorrectly named Sexmoan when Spanish friars mispronounced the name.

10. Longdong, China – another name dedicated to the male member. Imagine being a resident of this town and having your relatives from abroad calling you to ask “How is the weather over there in Longdong”?

11. Batman, Turkey – not only is Batman a city, it’s also a province. This gives residents the super power to say they are from “Batman, Batman”.



12. Delicate Nobby, Australia – visit the “land down under” and stay at Delicate Nobby camping ground.

13. Dismal Swamp, Australia -apparently Dismal Swamp isn’t all that dismal. There is mystery and discovery to be had.

14. Mount Mee, Australia – a suburb in Queensland and also a mountain. If you manage to climb this mountain, it will bring new meaning to the phrase “mount me”.

South America


15. Morón, Argentina – this city located close to Buenos Aires is not full of idiots as the name may imply. It was named after area landowners and a patron saint, San Pedro de Morón.

*post written by Cheryl Howard

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