My fourth trip to Norway and I couldn’t have loved it more. When I was younger, I never really understood why people went to a place more than once or twice. My logic: if you have time and money to travel, why not go see different places each time? Now, at 33, I know there is something unique and soothing about returning to a place you already know. You already love. It is a different kind of homecoming. Returning with the knowledge you will enjoy your time there.


5 years ago, in January of 2011 I spent my first 4 days in Norway, in a place called Hemsedal, a popular ski resort a mere 3 hours away from Oslo. The perfect winter landscape, the incredible sunlight and the glorious food stole my heart back then and I haven’t been able to resist Norway’s many charms ever since. The following years I went back every January, each time exploring a different ski resort, each time spending an extra day or two in Oslo. Last year I took a break, since my Atlas was only 6 months old then but this year I had to go back. And I couldn’t have picked a better place than Trysil.




Trysil is actually Norway’s largest ski resort, making it an ideal choice for pretty much anyone. Whereas some some resorts tend to be more specialized catering to either families (Geilo) or young people (Hemsedal) Trysil is truly a great choice for just about anyone.

Where to stay

Just like any good ski holiday, the first thing to look for when planning an amazing trip is ACCOMMODATION and Trysil makes it easy. Why? Because there are 2 hotels here that just have it all. One is the Park Inn and the other one is the Raddisson Blu Trysil, which we stayed in and absolutely loved.

trysil-jan-2016-1425 trysil-jan-2016-1429

I will admit that I had a couple of preconceived notions about staying at a chain hotel but this one completely won me over. And although I think anyone would have a great time here, I think specifically families with kids will love this one wholeheartedly.


Kids Activities

Swimming Pool. Need I say more than those two words?

This is not just any old tiny pool that allows kids between 4 and 5pm like many spa hotels provide. This one is large, has incredible views on the slope and sports 3 different pools for all ages as well as a jacuzzi and a surf wave. If this won’t keep the little ones busy, try the 8-lane bowling alley (you have read that right), the (childfriendly) casino, the indoor playground or the in-house cinema. Sounds too good to be true? It just gets better.


Grab a sleigh from outside and send those kids out in the snow as just outside the hotel there are tiny and big slopes suitable for all skill levels and ages. Build a snowman, send the little ones to ski class (Norwegian kids are barely walking when they first learn to ski!) and keep an eye open of a sighting of Valle, the snowman!

trysil-jan-2016-1316 trysil-jan-2016-1306


Grown-up fun

But enough with the little ones, what’s in it for YOU? Well, how about a super relaxing spa area with sauna, steam bath and bubbly hot pool? Fancy a massage or a facial? You can have it! Unwind after a great day out in the snow and enjoy a nicely priced cocktail (a Martini here costs about as much as a beer in nearby restaurants and bars) in the lobby bar , by the open fire naturally.

trysil-jan-2016-1361 Kopie

If you love food, you will love this place. The Radisson Blu excels at their Buffet, with daily changing themes. Especially meat and fish dishes are super delicious. But don’t miss out on the A la carte options! The Hill is the hotel’s main restaurants and is split into two parts. The back caters to a la carte guests whereas the larger front area is for buffet-goers. If you really want to treat yourself and be guaranteed a special dining experience you mustn’t miss out on a lovely 3 course meal. After ordering a bottle of Gnarly Head, the Californian Zinfandel, start with the Foie Gras, continue on to the succulent Beef Tenderloin (asking for Mashed potatoes instead of fries!) and finish off with a daily changing surprise dessert by the chef himself. Fond memories and happy tastebuds are guaranteed.

trysil-jan-2016-1352 Kopie

Don’t feel like fine dining? Grab a seat at La Piazza, the in-house pizza restaurant. Our strong recommendation goes to the Trysil pizza, an awe-inspiring experience for your mouth. Think moose carpaccio, locally sourced goat’s cheese and lingonberry jam – DIVINE!

pizza trysil

If you’re planning a date night at the bowling alley, make it perfect by stopping in at the adjacent diner, ordering the burger so many before you have raved about. I would then would round things up with a round by the pool table before heading to the lobby bar.

Winter Sports

If you’re a pro at skiing you will find paradise here, whether it is alpine or cross-country ski you are into. Trysil is located around a mountain that offers 67 slopes and 31 ski-lifts. There are large children’s areas here to ski and a daily changing event schedule usually featuring a funky snowman called Valle, that all the kids love. Cross-country ski fans will be able to enjoy over 200km of tracks, naturally filled with gorgeous views and beautiful scenery.



Still learning how to ski? Trysil is home to one of the best teachers in the country – Anita Moen. After competing in the Olympic games more than once and even winning the world championship of Cross-Country-Skiing, Anita now runs her own ski school. We had the pleasure of being taken around the place by her for a couple of hours and had an incredible experience. Highly recommended.


My love for Norway has once more been solidified and I think Trysil might be my new favorite, especially now that I am traveling with a mini human. If you find yourself contemplating a trip to a ski resort in Norway, let me A) applaud you for that wise decision and B) point your attention at my previous reports on Hemsedal and Hovden, both huge favorites as well.

A huge thank you to Visit Norway for helping to organize a truly memorable trip, to Trysil Tourism for inviting us, to Runa Eggen for her great insights and friendly assistance and to Kristina Bieda from Northern Lights for being there every step of the way. It was wonderful and I cannot wait for the next Norwaydventure!