Dear travelettes,

I am stoked, exhilerated, breathless with exitement for my upcoming trip through the United States. Even though I’ve spent a little over 2 years in that country, I still feel like I barely even know it and that the world existing between San Francisco and New York (the 2 cities I spent those 2 years in) holds a lot for me to discover.

A while ago, I’ve announced to you that I was going on a road trip with my friend Anthony from Austin. Once my brain got working and crafting on the ideas of all the things this trip could be, I have considered my options and thus far made the following itinerary:

May 5th: arriving in New York. Staying at a shared apartment in the Lower East Side for 10 days

May 15th: flying into Miami where I will check into a hostel by the beach to get my tan on. Planning on getting the inside scoop on nightlife and shopping.

May 19th: flying into New Orleans. Will check into historically meaningful hotel and roam the streets searching for magic. I hear it lives here.

May 22nd: taking the night bus to Austin, where Anthony and his pick-up truck are waiting.

May 25th: taking off in the morning, heading straight for Grand Canyon. Times and stops are unknown.

May 28th: Arriving in Las Vegas. We’ll go to a few shows, gamble away all our money and leave before they can get our car.

May 30th: Arrival in San Francisco. Seeing old friends, not wanting to leave, spend all day and night in the mission district.

June 2nd: teary-eyed departure to Berlin.


Naturally all my adventures wil be documented in detail and photo for you guys to share, so be sure to check into for updates.

Should anyone have any tips for me regarding the stops I make – feel free to share.


Happy travels,