When Expedia approached us about their current campaign, running under the Hashtag #Reisefreiheit, (freedom to travel) with the request to write something relating to the reunion of East and West Germany, (October 3rd was the anniversary of the German Reunification) I was very exited. Not only was the day the wall came down still fresh in my memory, it also holds a special meaning to me, as without it, I wouldn’t be where I am today. None of the the opportunities and possibilities that were since laid out to me and everyone else in East Germany would have been possible without it.

east germany

I still remember the day. November 9th, 1989, I was seven. It was the evening when the news came on and told everyone in East Germany that the wall was coming down – Germany would once again be reunited. Disbelief was quickly followed with euphoria and so my little family hopped into a car headed for the Berlin, the very next day. Little did I know then what that event would rally mean for me and my life. Without it, I simply wouldn’t be where I am today. In a way, that evening in front of the TV I was given the greatest gift I could have asked for.

It’s not easy having big dreams when the town you grow up in is small and the minds you’re surrounded with are even smaller. I had great ambitions but no one to take them seriously. “Be realistic!” I was told on more than one occasion. “Be reasonable!” “Don’t be foolish.”, were other favorites. I had to get away from that, I had to find out if they were right or if I could make it after all. If I could actually achieve the life I really wanted.

katja travels 2

All it took was one trip. A big one mind you, to the other end of the world. I was 18 and ready for it. I was ready for San Francisco. Finally I was surrounded by people I could identify with. People who inspired and encouraged me, who made me feel like I was on a good way, that the things I had planned were actually within reach. This attitude was new to me. For the first time I myself began to believe that maybe sky really was the limit. That maybe it wasn’t such a silly concept to believe that I could live a life filled with things I loved like travel and creativity. And Italian gelato.

katja travels

I started then to plan my future based on a simple question „If I could have any life at all, which would I have?”

If you’ve been following this blog you can probably guess what the answer to this was. Not to ruin the ending of this story but it did work. I found out that one really can make one’s dreams come true. I once overheard a quote that is still my favorite to date, unfortunately I am unaware of its author. It goes “The talent is to want it.” And this my friends, is all there is to it. Want it, want it hard.

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*This post was created in collaboration with Expedia.