When in Greece, I always make sure that my next coffee frappé is not far away. There is just something about a glass of iced coffee topped off with a thick layer of creamy foam that I can’t resist. And I am by far not the only one. In Greece, frappé is the most popular variation of coffee, loved by locals and visitors alike.

Whether it be as a quick caffeine boost in the morning, a lunch-time gossip and coffee break with a friend, an afternoon treat at the beach bar or a post-dinner refreshment, the frappé can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime. But rumor has it, the best place to enjoy a frappé is in the sunshine and with a view.

Nobody wants to be drinking hot beverages when temperatures are sizzling, but if you do find yourself craving coffee on a holiday, an ice cold, frothy frappé will do the trick. When ordering your frappé in a café, there are a few things to remember to ensure you get it just the way you like it.

When asked how sweet you would like your frappé, there are three variations to choose from. If you order your coffee glykós, it will contain a LOT of sugar. In my opinion, métrios, the medium option, is the best way to go if you like your coffee sweet. No sugar at all? Make it skétos instead.

You will also be asked whether you like your frappé with or without milk. If you choose no milk, the frappé will be shaken up entirely with water and (if you opt for the sugarless version) may taste rather bitter. Even a ‘milky’ frappé doesn’t contain a lot of milk, but it will certainly make the froth taste creamier!

No holiday to Greece planned in the near future? Do not despair, we’ve got the recipe for a perfect coffee frappé. Simply shake up one of these bad boys, put on some holiday tunes, close your eyes and pretend you’re far away on the beach of a beautiful Greek island.

The Travelettes Perfect Coffee Frappé
A frappé is essentially instant coffee shaken up over ice, but don’t let the simple description fool you, it tastes divine.

For one serving:

– fill 2 teaspoons of instant coffee powder into a cocktail shaker

– add sugar to your liking (4 teaspoons for sweet, 2 for medium)

– add a splash of cold water and cover the shaker

– shake until all ingredients have blended into a thick foam

– pour the mixture into a tall glass filled with ice cubes

– optionally add a splash of milk and fill the rest of the glass with cold water