I don’t know about the rest of you, but I personally have a problem with hearing about cool stuff after I’ve already left a place. A great band playing the day after I’m booked to leave on a night bus? The best vegan restaurant which I somehow never found? Here are some of my favorite tools for finding food, events, cool stores and such, in the US. They’re pretty commonly used on this website, but I figure they could come in handy for new visitors. Bear with me if you’ve already discovered these internet jackpots and feel free to share some of your own.

Yelp: Restaurants, bars, tattoo shops, book stores. Basically anything! You can look up by state, city, street, and various other categories and browse a ton of reviews. It’s gotten to be a crazy trend that has even business owners madly following their yelp reviews so they can improve.

Goby: Event finder in the USA. You can narrow your search by type or time of event. You can even search for all events in a given time window.

The list: San Francisco bay area concert finder. Okay, so this one may only be useful in the bay area but you should probably visit us over here and see what bands are playing anyways!

Craigslist: Online classifieds, always good for random finds!


Happy hunting!

post by Jackie Clark