What does summer mean to you? Hanging with friends in the park? Sitting by the water cool drink in hand? Maybe listening to some good music? That is definitely part of our summer, so when Langnese’s Coffee-Ice deluxe Café Zero° asked us whether we would like to join them and a group of Berlin bloggers on a little cruise on the Hauptstadtfloß (a large, 2 story float that goes down the river Spree in style) we didn’t hesitate for a second to say yes and join the festivities!

photo via Hauptstadtfloß.de

So what exactly is Café Zero° you may wonder. It’s a drink that comes out of the freezer with a frozen yet creamy consistency, sold with a thick straw which doubles as a spoon. There are three different flavours – Cappuccino, Mocaccino and Espresso which all come in a practical to-go cup. You can find Café Zero° in most places where people are on the go – airports, train stations, kiosks – you’ll spot them easily! In Italy this has been a long time hit with people and more and more people across Europe are discovering it as their favorite drink for a hot summer.

Ok, so we have a party on a float along with some chilled drinks and good people – what could possibly make this better? Well, how about we told you that among all the bloggers on the float we can be the ones to win a €4000 scooter to give away on our blog to our readers? That would be you, obviously, so maybe you like the sound of that! For us to win, we need to provide the best song for the playlist we will listen to on the float. This is where you guys come in – what songs should we bring on our playlist? Some Jay-Z maybe? A bit of Beyonce? Or some classics like Minnie Ripperton? Leave your song suggestions in the comments, we’d love to hear what you think!

Fore more info on Café Zero° check out their website and facebook.

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