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Sometimes you don’t need to travel far to experience another culture; some journeys await you right in your kitchen, just a few meters away from your desk. So even if you are not a crazy chef or just cook every now and then, it’s worth going out there (into your kitchen) to experiment with new dishes and flavors. You can easily bring a bit of the world right onto your plate and this culinary wanderlust may actually help you get over this next phase of crazily itchy feet (but no money/time/whatever reason not to book a flight right now)

1. VEGAN RICHA – Indian, the vegan (and super delicious) way!

I’ve been following Richa’s blog for quite a while now and always love to get inspired by her colorful, plant-based and creative way of cooking. She works really intuitively and loves to play around with a mix of old techniques and new ideas – an approach that I can personally really relate to. She is based in Seattle but her background is Indian, so she really knows everything about all those delightful, traditional dishes and its different techniques and ingredients. She loves to share her knowledge and show people how easy it is to cook vegan Indian food. I can only recommend checking out “Vegan Richa” and hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Cook this and you can almost feel New Delhi’s vibrance and warmth in your own kitchen…

    ©Richa Hingle | www.veganricha.com

2. MY AFRICAN FOOD MAP – Virtually travelling Africas deliciousness

Tuleka, African, New-Berliner and world citizens parents met in Botswana, her father, a political dissident from Ghana and her mom, a South African refugee, both could not live in their “home countries”, so their kids grew up all over the African continent, constantly moving around. Tuleka decided to build herself a new base in Berlin, where she lives and has worked as a film maker for over 9 years now. Her blog and video project - which won me over right away – draws a culinary map of Africa and warmly invites us into her heritage’s diverse and vast (cooking) culture. Her beautiful videos and texts really give you an idea on what this food is all about – so much more than just nurture. Tuleka started her project, because she felt like African food was widely underrepresented in terms of accessibility and visual presence. Given how many people eat and cook this way she wants to see a much stronger representation of it online and teach people about all those recipes. My African Food map focuses on one country at a time, always showcasing four popular dishes in a 4-minute-video. Tuleka loves everything with plantain and once you start adding all her great salsas to your dishes you wonder how you could ever have eaten without them. Make sure to check out her blog and learn about all the beauty beyond your average avocado toast.

    All images ©Tuleka Prah | www.africanfoodmap.com

3. ROCKET AND BASIL – German Iranians in Australia, some Middle-Eastern goodness with a twist!

Sophie and Xenia von Oswald create colourful dishes that reflect their mixed heritage, growing up as German Iranians in Australia. The sisters work with seasonal produce to create unexpected and exciting food that showcases the versatility and beauty of Middle Eastern flavours and ingredients. Their dishes and photos are lush and sensual, casual but special at the same time. Browsing through their Instagram makes me wanna  jump into my kitchen to create something gorgeous for my loved ones and sprinkle pomegranate over literally everything. Their Blog “Rocket and Basil” shows their journey of deciphering and modernizing their mother’s many recipes, which have been passed down and collected over many years and generations – and I can only recommend that you join them along the way. If you happen to live in Berlin or visit town, the multi-talented sisters also organize the brunch event, “Das Brunch”, where, if you’re lucky enough to get a spot, you can experience their food yourself, feasting on all their favourite ingredients: sumac, cardamon, basmati rice, fresh herbs, chilli and kafir lime. Just like on vacation!

    All images ©Rebecca Crawford for www.rocketandbasil.com

4. MY LITTLE EXPAT KITCHEN – Greek cuisine straight from the Netherlands

Ever since I got to enjoy a full on veggie, Greek dinner that a Greek friends made for us, I still dream of the taste of freshly roasted zucchini with walnuts, a hint of orange zest, and some magical self-harvested olive oil, that turned the whole thing into one of the best dishes I’ve ever eaten. No kidding! Magdalini from My Little Expat Kitchen knows how to awaken culinary daydreams and show the world that Greek food is so much more than just feta cheese. Born and bred in Athens she now lives in the Netherlands with her (also Greek) boyfriend and loves to share her passion for food online. Her recipes are creative, easy to follow and serve you all the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea (and more) on just one (or two) plate(s)!

    ©Magdalini / My Little Expat Kitchen / www.mylittleexpatkitchen.blogspot.com

5. VEGAN MIAM – Asia (and the rest of the world) in a bowl of plant-based goodness

Rika & Doni love the real spicy stuff and run the vegan food and travel blog Vegan Miam. They have a thing for bold, global flavours and share their passion for crafting recipes inspired by their travels. Every experience they make en route is different and influences them in their kitchen, so their blog is in constant motion, just like themselves, which is fun to watch. However I especially dig the Asian twist, many recipes have to them and their fully plant-based approach. Rikas background is Taiwanese, so her love for rice, tofu (yum!) and all their tasty veggie friends is undeniable, but the couple manages to always bring a special something into every dish. Their photos are stunning and their love for culinary experiments contagious. Have you ever tried making purple buns? I mean it: Head to their blog right now, get your hands on something real colorful  and dream away on your kitchen table… no security check needed!

    All images ©Vegan Miam | www.veganmiam.com

Safe culinary travels everyone; I’m curious to hear what you have been up to on your plate!