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Do you love to travel? Then you have come to right place! But first, a little introduction….

This is us: 10 girls from 3 continents, 5 countries and 7 cities. We are all totally different but we do share a (hopeless and forever lasting) love for travel. More importantly – we are just like you. We all love the suspense of arriving at a place we have never been to before, watching sunsets while sipping wine from plastic cups, feeling the breeze in our faces as we drive down the road to our next adventure. Just like you, we always pack too much and never enough, get our hearts broken by missed opportunities and believe that there is never a better time to live our dreams than this very moment.

On this website you’ll get exactly that: our stories from the road, always honest and never boring. We want to virtually bring you along as we climb Mt Kilimanjaro or dive with Stingrays in the Indian Ocean. We’ll tell you all about our favorite hostel in Singapore or that smartphone app that will make meeting people while traveling easier than ever. We’ll let you in on our favorite pad thai recipe and our tricks to travel on a very, very small budget. Share our idea of a good night out in Berlin or an epic weekend in Istanbul and we will always try to inspire you to travel more.


Travelettes started out in 2009, as an idea by Katja Hentschel, a young woman who had spent the better part of her twenties traveling. It was during a one year trip around the world that Katja had learnt that the most important thing in life is to be yourself, regardless of whether you are somewhere in a small town in Bolivia or at a fancy bar in Midtown Manhattan. Katja has always loved high heels and lipstick and she would not let backpacking get in the way of that! Alas, the idea of backpacking in heels was born and now stands figuratively for women travelers around the world. In other words:

girl + world + ticket = travelette

liz and her bag

In no time at all the travelettes team had grown to the 10 globetrotterettes we are today. In the early days we shared mostly personal anecdotes and photo essays from our trips – it was all a bit more “dear diary” than serious travel journalism. We sure have come a long way since! Our team has changed as well and is still ever-changing – because a Travelette never sits still, she moves! Be it a new-born bundle of joy, a great job opportunity or simply a long-term trip without a steady WiFi connection (yes, that is something even we do), the Travelettes team is always evolving.

You can meet our current team of writers here.

And the best part? You can become a Travelettes guest blogger too – learn more about that option right here.

Over the years we have turned Travelettes into one of the top travel blogs world-wide. Our website gets more than half a million hits per month, and our social media following boasts an impressive 150,000 Fans. Maybe you’d like to become one of them?


So how do you use this website? Not so easy to select a read with over 1,500 articles to choose from! If you want to research a specific destination you can click on “Choose your destination” on our landing page to find the place you are going to and all the posts we have written about it.
If you feel like browsing, have a click through our favorite hotels, people and must-have’s, find out all there is to know about solo travel, lose yourself in the many places you’ll want to add to your bucket list and be inspired by all that is out there waiting for you.

That’s something to fill an afternoon with, isn’t it? Each day we upload a new post and each month we put the spotlight on an awesome featured destination as well as the travelette of the month – a woman who makes a difference in the world, one plane ticket at a time.

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Happy travels,

The Travelettes

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