Traveling with someone is a bit of a tricky thing. I think over the years I adopted a rather questionable habit that I’m actually more comfortable alone: You get to be just so flexible, are likely to meet more new people than otherwise and everything’s just that bit more intense, both the good and the bad days. And oh how much you learn about yourself!

The thing is that sometimes, just sometimes, you know that your trip will be absolutely legendary and you know upfront that you’ll want to share your memories with a loved one (and not via Instagram or WhatsApp, that is). In summer, my best childhood friend and I got on what must have been 35 different trains and two buses to see the best of eight countries. We did so with a lot of laughter, many books, long overdue catch-ups and the deep knowledge that we know, accept and love each other the way we are. A combination of these three is something so rare and beautiful that it’s worth doing everything you can to keep that person in your life for as long as possible.

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Getting to the point (not one of my strengths as you can see!), I think a great friend isn’t necessarily a great travel buddy, but in this case we were. I made a video that’s less about us and more about the moments that made us bond, dance, smile – or even cry because a scenery was that beautiful. So hit play for footage from Budapest, Belgrade, Sofia, Skopje, Rijeka, Ljubljana, Vienna and Warsaw and a whole lotta trains.

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What makes the perfect travel partner for you?

Photographs and video by Caroline Schmitt