When the clocks change and the evenings are lighter I instantly feel like its summer and that means it’s time to get excited about festival season. I’m always looking for fun camping accessories and things to help glamp up my stay in a muddy field which is why I was so excited to discover FieldCandy.

FieldCandy invite talented, upcoming or established designers and artists to submit their ideas and if successful, they become a tent anyone can buy. These tents are not just a design piece; built from good quality breathable waterproof cotton (kind of a necessity with a tent you intend to use outside and not just in your living room) with an inside porch, strong pegs and lockable compartments for additional safety.

They range in price from €400 to €800 which I admit it is a bit of a splurge compared to what I’d normally spend on a tent but you have to admit that there would be no problem finding your tent in a sea of canvas if it looked this funky! Not only do they look cool but each one has a fun name; my favorites are the one of the couple kissing above called Get a Room and the club sandwich tent at the bottom called Picnic Perfect. Which is your favourite?

For more info on orders and to browse the other great tents available in the collection or maybe even submit your own design check out the FieldCandy site.