The first real glimpse we have of Fethiye, during our trip to Turkey, is from above. A patchwork blanket of terracotta-coloured rooftops spreads out before us, the high-shine domes of mosques and the odd satellite dish winking in the dazzling sun. In the distance, the glittering sea provides a suitably epic backdrop, dotted with picturesque islands rising up out of the bay. Sounds nice, right? It’s a view that can win hearts at first sight, but just to pop the gleeful icing on the happy cake, we were enjoying this view whilst sitting in a jacuzzi, drinking bubbles amongst the bubbles. If first impressions count, Fethiye’s got this holiday in the bag.



We had decided to have a pool day at Sundial, a new restaurant, complete with accommodation, perched up on the hill between Ovacik and Fethiye. After a tough year, I had joined my friend on her now ex-honeymoon, and I think she was well-deserved of a little R&R and a jacuzzi with one hell of a view. Turns out the hills around Fethiye are perfect for this sort of thing – it’s a location that does not pull any punches in the natural beauty stakes, and our honeymoon dinner as the sun was setting was the most atmospheric of the trip.



Of course, Fethiye isn’t all looks and no substance. Flag down a dolmus, one of the mini-buses that trawl the streets every 5-10 minutes (prices are displayed inside and you pay when you hop off) and you’ll enter a modern Mediterranean town with a rich legacy of history, dating all the way back to ancient Lycia.


Although the town is a popular destination for its markets, drool-worthy food and picturesque streets and marina, Fethiye manages to hang on to its old-school charm due to the restrictions on high-rise construction in effect throughout the town. Also, much of the business comes from the traditional wooden sailing boats – the gulets – that take travellers up and down the peninsula on day trips (or, if you fancy a camping on board experience, overnight voyages too). The gulets keep people on the move!


Things we loved whilst exploring Fethiye were:

Strolling the beautiful marina with its collection of fishing and tour boats – stop for a cocktail or an ice-cream and relax with the sea breeze in your hair.


The friendly people. We met so many charming Turkish people on our travels – friendly, honest and with a great sense of humour.


Dinner at the fish market was one of our favourite culinary experiences. Various restaurants surrounding the market can help you purchase some fresh-from-the-sea specimens. They then cook the dish to your specifications and serve up a spread, complete with salad, bread and, if you’re lucky, some sweet apple tea.



Shopping our socks off – the Fethiye market takes place on a Tuesday but there are plenty of other quirky shops to be discovered in the centre, with gorgeous household items and fabrics. From the blue glass, evil eye souvenirs found all over the country to ward off bad vibes, to beautiful lamps decorated in shimmering mosaic, it’s a good idea to leave some suitcase space – you’ll be spoiled for choice and the prices are fantastic! For quality souvenirs, pop into Baydar, opposite the fish-market and choose from seashell mobiles to decorate your bathroom, stunning lanterns or small, hand-made soaps to take home as presents.


The Amintas Rock Tombs located towards the back of the town. These ornate, Lycian graves, carved painstakingly into the cliff-face, are a bit of a climb to reach. But once you are up on high and have reached the magnificent Doric columns, you will be rewarded with panoramic views of the town.



The location – Fethiye is ideally situated on Turkey’s Lycian coast for trips to the glassy Dalyan River (see our experience here!) or for hopping on a dolmus to nearby Oludeniz beach and its famous Blue Lagoon.


If you’re looking for a last minute Euro trip to make the most of the sunshine, look no further than Fethiye, Turkey. An Autumn visit as the sky-high temperatures begin to cool should allow the thermostat to adjust to perfection.


This was my first visit to Turkey and I have been thoroughly seduced! Have any of you been swept away by a Turkish trip? Where should I try next time?

All pics by Alex Saint

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