Do you feel the same, or is it only me that can’t believe that we’re already halfway through our current Instagram challenge? Once again I went to seek out my favourite contributions of the past 15 days – and believe me the choice is not always easy!

I’d say one of my favourite days was the day before yesterday – day 14: What I’m thankful for. This topic of course was inspired by the Canadian Thanksgiving festivities held on that day. It is no big secret that a big part of my heart belongs to the impressive landscapes of Alberta and British Columbia, so I’m glad to participate in Thanksgiving – even if it is in an abstract way like the Instagram challenge. I am glad to see what you’re thankful for – whether it is friends and family, or more seemingly profound things like the perfect apartment or pumpkin spice. For me it all comes down to being thankful for the wonderful live I am allowed to lead – having the freedom to do what I love (travelling the world) and being part of an inspirational movement like the Travelettes! Happy belated Thanksgiving everyone!

I’m already gathering ideas for the next challenge which will be winter/holiday themed and set in December. If you have any ideas or can’t wait to see a certain kind of topic in the challenge don’t hesitate and shoot an email my way:

instagram challenge fall Day 1: Change of Colors by bigblondie__ & missvikr

instagram challenge fall Day 2: Around the Corner by marivonundzu & colazionearoma

instagram challenge fall Day 3: Highheels by faithbpellas & postictal

instagram challenge fall Day 4: Outside my Window by puriyunterwegs & lankanlady

instagram challenge fall Day 5: Get active by kathiguacamole & mandajanex

instagram challenge fall Day 6: An Adventure by aheartfullofhope & krausesbruder

instagram challenge fall Day 7: Guilty Pleasure by sandra_kide & noemijanine

instagram challenge fall Day 8: PS I made this.. by daphnemarlow & bagus_sekali

instagram challenge fall Day 9: Wardrobe Addition by nowismineblog & hazeldru

instagram challenge fall Day 10: Unter my Umbrella by superflygal747 & shoegirlinde

instagram challenge fall Day 11: Fall Essentials by wanderlustmarriage & soschy

instagram challenge fall Day 12: Seasonal Hot Beverages by kathiguacamole & katbakke

instagram challenge fall Day 13: Daydreaming by xlzx & noemijanine

instagram challenge instagram Day 14: What I’m thankful for by krausesbruder & aheartfullofhope

instagram challenge fall

Day 15: Foreign Food by citycollector & niphidien

I hope you’re enjoying fall so far! Have fun with the rest of the photo challenge and I’ll look forward to hear from you soon!

This is a post by Kathi Kamleitner.

Kathi Kamleitner was a regular contributor at Travelettes from 2013 to 2019. Originally from Vienna, Austria, she packed her backpack to travel the world and lived in Denmark, Iceland and Berlin, before settling in Glasgow, Scotland. Kathi is always preparing her next trip – documenting her every step with her camera, pen and phone.

In 2016, Kathi founded Scotland travel blog to share her love for her new home, hiking in the Scottish Highlands, island hopping and vegan food. Follow her adventures on Instagram @watchmesee!