Do you fancy a long spa treatment to release some of the stress? Could you be looking for a weekend with lots of nature and some fantastic outdoor sports programs? Have you started researching good places to spend your winter holidays at? If any of the above apply to you, keep reading…

A couple of months ago I was invited to visit two hotels of the Falkensteiner Group in the Austrian region of “Carinthia”, both of which are on the forefront of anything relating to relaxation, wellness, well-being, unique health treatments, natural cure and sports. Carinthia is situated in the Eastern Alps and therefore offers lots of slopes for ski and snowboard fans alike. Both resorts offer only the best in hospitality and a few days here can turn you into a whole new person.

Falkensteiner Hotel Carinzia

Welcome home” it says on the card the receptionist all dressed in white hands me upon my arrival at Hotel Carinzia. “Enjoy your stay” she says to me with a smile before showing me the way down the corridor which is to lead me to my room. I note the many unique wooden features, coupled in a perfect marriage between modern architecture and traditional flair. There is a pleasant smell on the air – a mixture of a subtle scent of the wood and the herbal oils used in the spa. I instantly calm down. After the walk along an impressive hallway I finally enter my room and as soon as I open the door to my junior suite, I know I am in for a perfectly relaxing weekend.


The AcquaPura Spa

The spa area with its 2,400sqm is truly one of a kind and includes different massage and wellness rooms, a sauna, a swimming pool, a jacuzzi, a big room to relax with different light effects, several areas for facial and body treatments as well as a gym and a yoga room. The staff offers a wide range of classes for guests such as pilates, water gymnastics, yoga, nordic walking or progressive muscle relaxation. Back home I am constantly on the run doing something and I find it hard to stop, here I could finally let go and not think about anything for a while.

 Swimming Pool with alpine scenery

During summer the Carinzia offers various types of outdoor sports and nature lovers will have an easy time to enjoy Austrian panoramic landscapes. There are lots of hiking trails, a golf course and a climbing park. In winter the whole area turns into a popular ski resort with the ski-lift located right outside the hotel.
During my short summer stay in Carinthia I have tried a couple of outdoor things that the region offers, which you can read about in my previous post.


Each room is equipped with beautiful wooden furniture and a look through the large windows reveals stunning alpine views. Had it not been for the tempting spa area I would have gladly stayed in my room all day long. The best thing about my suite was the shower complete with panoramic views over the Alps. There are three different kinds of accommodation available, junior and master suites (more information here). My advice: ask for a room with mountain view.

Wooden double bed, junior suite

Enjoying what you eat and drink is an essential part of Falkensteiner’s holiday philosophy and they offer a great variety of local dishes, which combine Austrian, Croatian and South Tyrolean traditions.

Dinner with Austrian landscape

Falkensteiner Hotel Bleiberger Hof

A deep turquoise blue swimming pond in front of the mountains was definitely one of my personal highlights during my stay at Falkensteiner Hotel Bleiberger Hof. The crystal clear water in combination with the cloudy, alpine surroundings was absolutely breathtaking. The spa itself is 2,500sqm large and, like the Falkesteiner Spa Carinzia, offers  lots of different facial and body treatments as well as many space and rooms for relaxation and well-being. You can even book your own private spa room and have a romantic night in with your love.

Swimming in a natural swimming pond

Private spa room 

In order to keep silence and offer a perfect base for relaxation the Falkensteiner Hotel Bleiberger Hof is a non-child area only (exceptions are made during Christmas and Easter holidays, as well as a short time period during summer holidays). Another speciality of the hotel are the herbal treatments and some culinary delights of the highest standard. Alexandra Klammer, the spa manager, takes care of the herbal garden and produces all the massage oils by herself using her own garden herbs, such as chamomile, thyme, rosemary or peppermint. Different massage treatments available are the four-handed massage, herbal bath, oil and hot stone massage but it’s difficult to pick a favorite among these – you might just have to try them all. Alexandra Klammer knows a lot about natural cure and is very open and helpful – so don’t hesitate  to ask her for advice on what sort of treatment is best for you.

Alexandra Klammer, responsible for the herbs as well as the wellness program

Alexandra also turned out to be the perfect yoga instructor. We had the chance to get to know different yoga types, which were all so relaxing that we almost fell asleep.

Award-winning kitchen chef Georg Klammer uses herbs from the garden to refine his dishes. We were allowed to have a glimpse behind the kitchen scenes, watching Klammer prepare one of the regional specialities.

Dinner menu at the Falkensteiner Hotel and Spa Bleiberger Hof

Snacks and refreshment by the pool

At the Carinthia hotel management puts high value on regional high-quality food and drinks and always orders its “Schnapps” from a local producer, where it gets made from fresh garden fruits. Arnold Bacher, the friendly regional brewer, gave us a tour through his home-brewery and explained all there was to know about the brewing process. If you are interested in such a tour as well, just ask at the reception of Falkensteiner Hotel & Spa Bleiberger Hof. And don’t forget to try the liquor during your stay there!

Schnapps brewer Arnold Bacher


Like Falkensteiner Hotel Carinzia there are also three different room types available at Bleiberger Hof (double room, junior suite and senior suite), which are all very comfy.

Double room

Wellness Senior Suite

The Falkensteiner Group offer everything about relaxation and well-being and it is hardly impossible to not feel like a new person after a stay here. Both hotels have been among the finest hotels I have ever visited and I can only recommend a stay there.

Usually when I travel I like to be  adventurous, sleep in cars, tents and hostels just to save money, but every now and then a splurge is just what the doctor ordered and next time I need some downtime I will definitely think back to the Falkensteiner Hotels, their treatments and the friendly, helpful and enthusiastic staff and probably get planning to spend another weekend there.

German welcome card “We wish you a pleasant stay”