One of my favorite things to do whenever I travel is treat myself to a little luxury and hit up the spa. There’s nothing better than getting an all over scrub, body wrap and massage followed by a long lasting soak in giant tub or jacuzzi. Relaxing in that warm and soothing water, you feel as if you’ve been transported directly to heaven. I could sit there for hours on end just dreaming my life away! Apparently others who feel the same way – members of the Jacuzzi Association, a group dedicated to “extreme hot tubbing”.

While my idea of a good time is relaxing in a jacuzzi at a spa, these crazy kids kick it a notch designing and building their own hot tubs in the most unlikely and unusual locations. They’ve set up hot tubs in such places as the Alps, parking lots, inside caves, on lakes and even suspended them from bridges. Each set-up is a huge endeavor and requires meticulous planning and hard work to carry out. Members need to be fit and do things like climb mountains, scuba dive, spelunk and rappel off of bridges all the while hauling heavy equipment.

Braving cold and even dangerous conditions, members wore 20 kg packs on their backs and climbed to the summit of the ever beautiful Mont Blanc back in late 2007.

After all that work (they didn’t make use of helicopters for example), it must have been great to jump in the tub’s warm waters and take in the view from 4000 meters! They look pretty happy to me.

One of their more adventurous outings took place in 2009 when a group of 15 men set-up a hot tub in a cave where they had to carry 15 kg loads, scuba dive and spelunk to a dark wet location.

While this looks like a blast, how come there weren’t any women on this trip? They should have invited some of the Travelettes to join them for a beer or two in the tub.

How about having a hot tub party in the middle of a lake? Members of this excursion set-up the first floating hot tub and held a 10 hour long party amidst stunning surroundings.

This group’s most recent and spectacular feat was setting up a jacuzzi that was suspended off of a bridge. Yep, you read that correctly! They actually hung a hot tub off of the Gueuroz Bridge in Switzerland where participants had to rappel 150 meters to reach the tub which was hanging 450 meters above the gorge below.

After a long and tedious set-up process, they finally got to relax in the hot tub sipping champagne and eating cake to celebrate their accomplishment.

Group spokesperson Pierre Cauderay said “‘It must have taken around 2,500 hours to plan for just two-and-a-half hours in the jacuzzi but it was definitely worth it.”

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While I have tried caving and am hoping to take up rock climbing and scuba diving, I doubt I’m ever likely to combine my love for these extreme sports with my love for relaxing in a jacuzzi. But I do admire these people for their tenacity and courage to plan and carry out these hot tubbing events. Can’t wait to see what they’ll do next!

*post written by Cheryl Howard.