A Travelette not only loves to travel the world but also to discover the hottest beauty trends. You may think that Paris or New York are always on the forefront of beauty, but hold your horses, just wait what Japan has to bring to the table!

We do realise that beauty trends and ideals are different around the world. It’s common knowledge that Asian countries like to keep a very light skin tone in place, while over here we spend hours baking in the sun or at the solarium, just to get a bit of a tan. But the differences don’t stop there, and while we’re still waiting for our chance to visit soon, we’ve  taken out a moment to research some of the whackiest beauty trends the far away island of Japan has to offer. We knew about the nightingale poop facial but what we’ve found out now could end up in a blood bath.

photo via daily mail

1. Bloodtype Bath

No real blood bath, no worries! But in Japan they believe that your blood type tells a lot about your personality just like zodiac signs and as common as it is to ask someone for his blood type in Japan, the beauty industry sure wants to make some money out of it. That’s why you can buy bubbly bath supplement matching your blood type. Type O Bloodtye Bath for example, contains minerals, sea salt, wild rose extract, hydrolyzed silk, shea butter and tocopherol. Type O is supposed to be very self-confident, Type A has a reputation of being to be creative… and so on. About time we found out what our bloodtype is.

Photograph via kiyou-jochugiku

2. Beauty Voice Trainer

After bloodtype bathing yourself pretty, it’s time to beautify your voice. My voice?, you’ll wonder. Yes, in Japan it’s considered beautiful for women to be very softspoken, so if you’ve been talking like a construction worker, you can now get your pretty on with this beauty voice trainer. It holds down your tongue, so your breath can float freely, making it easier to breathe through your stomach. 5 minutes a day will miraculously turn you into a second Mariah Carey. Or something like that.

3. F Cups Cookies

Uhhh, the power of breasts. I could tell you some stories… but that’s not the point. The point is, the Japanes invented cookies helping you to get bigger breasts. Not a B and not a C cup, no they go for the money, advertizing an F cup! Like in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland… just imagine: you eat a cookie and – BOOM – F cup cleavage. But you’re not allowed to eat more then one or two of them a day. You want them? You can get them… just have a look over at Ebay. If they work on you, pleaes send us before and after photos.

Photograph via f-cup-cokkies-livejournal

4. Collagen Marshmallows

Another yummy beauty trend (I’m starting to think that in Japan you eat to become pretty). They say that eating these marshmallows gives you the same benefit as a collagen injection. Apparently they can make your skin feel smoother than a cachmere sweater. We’re not sure if this is a good thing, but you can even get them from Hello Kitty. Just keep in mind that too much of the whole sugar/marshmellow thing is not that good for you or your skin. Weird, but the Travelettes say: SWEET!

Photograph via crystalkiss

5. Bad Breath Checker

A real Travelette not only looks good, she also smells good. But we all have those moments where we shamefully breathe into our own hands to check our breath is ok? Well, those days are over, ladies! With the ‘Bad Breath Checker’ you can, well, check your breath. It’s handy and pink and fun, but we wonder: Who needs this?

6. Beauty Nose Clips

Now that you’re pretty inside out, we just need to get your nose fixed! Just kidding, your nose is great. But some Japanese girls feel they need a tighter nose, so some brainy joker came up with the nose clip. In butterfly shape. Wearing it each day for five minutes is supposed to firm and tighten your nose. And hey, it’s much cheaper than any surgery at just $57 here! We suggest you save your Dollars and use a simple clothespin.

Top 3 Photographs via Japan Trend Shop

What kind of beauty trends did you discover lately on your travels?