Be honest, have you ever really been to the real touristy stuff in your hometown, the city you live in or the closest larger city? More than just driving by on your way to work? Or meeting up at a monument just because it is the only remarcable place around? Have you ever had a tourist map of your city in your hands, not just to find that party at a new friends house? Or been to an exhibition not just because they serve free champagne during the opening?

My ex boyfriend always had the idea of doing a Cologne vacation with me – while we were both still living there. Renting a room in a hotel, visit all the monuments we never really went to, go to all the museums we never had the time to visit, eat at restaurants we normally wouldn’t pay that much for, and hang out at the really obvious tourist places. I always found the idea more than up the pole, because why should you pay for a hotel when you actually have an apartment in the city? But, on the other hand, why do you always take the time to explore cities like London, Paris, New York and, probably know them better than your own? Did you ever have friends visiting, expecting you to be the perfect guide and you completely sucked compared to their lonely planet? In the last city I lived in for 6 years, I feel like the only thing I really visited was the TV tower and the mini golf course. I didn’t go to to any of the museums, because I could do that any other day, right? Well, to cut a long story short: I recently moved to Berlin, and since I have been here many times before, and already know a lot of monuments and museums, I realized there is a huge chance I end up in the same pattern. Together with a friend I decided to not procrastinate and actually take a proper sightseeing tour. With our cameras and sunglasses ready we went out and pretended to be a complete strangers to the city for a day.

So we sat our tiny butts on upper front seats in the line 100 bus, a public bus that basically covers every sightseeing hotspot of Berlin and followed the “hop on – hop off” principle. We had a great day as tourists which we apparently performed very well, as people immediately came to us to inform us to take better care of our belongings so we won’t miss things when we go back home. I definitely enjoyed seeing at least some places I haven’t already been to. We took a little video (which more than less proofs that I need a HD DSLR as well) and some pictures along the way. Enjoy!

Next time we’re exploring Berlin we’ll be on a boat!

This post was written by Nina Hüpen-Bestendonk, who has a funny name even for Germans; she is a wicked go-getter and creative freelance designer, photographer and blogger.

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