What do you think is the biggest and most-watched sports event in the world? You have Olympics of course. And then there is the undeniable World Cup.  But another massive sporting event to excite the masses is the Super Bowl! The Super Bowl is the finale of the US American Football profi league referred to as NFL. Every year it draws millions of Americans in front of their TV screens with last year’s statistics showing that over 800.000.000 people stopped to watch the game across the globe.

Since the first Super Bowl in 1967, the event has reached an iconic status amongst US-Americans in particular. Events surrounding the actual game are almost as anticipated as the finale itself and the special highlight in every Super Bowl is always at half time when the world’s greatest performers take to the stage. I’m talking big names here, such as Diana Ross, U2, No Doubt, Sting, Aerosmith, ‘N Sync, Britney Spears, Stevie Wonder and more.

It was Michael Jackson who in 1993 broke the relatively boring tradition of – up to then – showing a marching band between the games. With a big star keeping viewers eyes glued to the screen the ratings not only stopped falling during half time, they actually went up, much to the dismay of competitive TV channels. So you can say that we owe it to Jacko that this year we get to watch Madonna give one of her rare performances.

While Football certainly does not define all things Americana, it does plays a role that is not to be underestimated. Maybe there is a sport in your country that people feel strongly about. It’s common knowledge that countries like Brazil, Italy or Germany stop in their tracks when the FIFA World Cup is on. Understanding the dynamics behind this passion for the sport and more importantly giving in to it (I know that some of your ladies are still resisting) can open up a world to you that you are likely to enjoy a lot more than you thought. As for me, I used to mostly ignore Soccer for the better part of my life but when the World Cup was on in Germany in 2006 I got into it and am now a true fan of watching the Champion Ship games. Not because I care about Soccer but because I love the excitement in the air, the feeling of bonding with everyone who is rooting for the same team, it’s pretty amazing.

Traditionally the Super Bowl happens on the first Sunday in February, which in this case is Sunday of this week, February 5th. While you should be able to to pursue the game on TV from your homely sofa, the real fun way of watching is by attending a public viewing.

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