Looking for romance? Culture? Fun? Good food and music? Diverse landscapes and plenty of historic sights? And on top of that you want to be safe while travelling? Then Europe is the place to be!


Europe is – despite a few places – a very safe continent. Political stable, no war, less religious beliefs that can make travelling (especially for women) a tough experience that needs a lot of preparation. Of course that does NOT mean that you should walk around alone in dark allies with a mini skirt and high heels in Berlin or London! If you aren’t cautious and act irresponsable, there is no place on earth where you are 100 % safe!




To me the greatest thing about living in Europe is the fact that every country is so different! Living in Berlin, I find myself surrounded by 27 different countries, most of them with a unique language, unique culture and traditions. Every country has its own history which goes back far beyond the middle ages.



Travelling through Europe, there is so much you can see! Start in Paris, improve your French while ordering a café au lait in the busy streets of Montmartre, pay a visit to “Our Lady” Notre Dame (see, you first French vocabulary!) and enjoy wine and cheese (how cheesy!) on the banks of the Seine… Catch a bus and drive through the Eurotunnel, the UK is waiting on the other side!  Have a cup of tea with the Queen in the Buckingham Palace (watch out if the royal flag is hoisted, otherwise she is out and about!) Fly over to Germany, have a bite of the best bratwurst in the world, learn about the Berlin Wall and don’t forget to spit into the Spree! Ever wanted to learn about Greek mythology? Athens is the place to be, but pay a visit to the beautiful greek islands in the Mediterreanean Sea, too! (Have you seen the movie “Mamma Mia” with Meryl Streep? Here is a link to the island where the movie was shot!)




Getting around

Thanks to open borders in the EU travelling from one country to another is easier than ever. There are various means of transport: Go by plane or bus, hire a car, try rideshare (read Jaclyns post on the german version “mitfahrgelegenheit”) or you could even choose the oldschool way and go on foot like they did in the middle ages (according to googlemaps, it takes you 8 days and 14 hours to walk from Berlin to Paris!) If you can’t afford a hostel, you might want to consider Couchsurfing, which is very popular in Europe!

No matter where and how you go in Europe- boredome will be the least of your problems!


(Pictures taken at Kollwitzplatz, Berlin)