When I got invited to join Katja on a three day trip to Sölden, Austria, I didn’t really realize what I was in for. For starters, I’m not a big winter-sports gal and have never been skiing (crazy, right?) Second, I’ve only been to the Austrian Alps once before – and I slept in a tent, not a 4-star hotel. So little did I know what a treat this trip would be.

soelden dez 2015-0628

Our journey got off to a bit of a rough start in Berlin due to technical issues with the plane. Grounded an hour longer than scheduled, we missed our connecting flight in Vienna and had to wait nearly five hours for the next flight to Innsbruck.

But whoever said “it gets worse before it gets better” never stayed at the Bergland Hotel Sölden, because despite our troubled trip there, all our worries vanished upon arrival – poof!

Located about an hour drive from the Innsbruck airport, in the village center of Sölden, the Bergland is somehow tucked away on the mountainside making it both conveniently situated near the local attractions yet peacefully secluded among the nature. And our stay epitomized a mountain holiday in every sense of the word.

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First impressions are everything and mine were great. The hotel emits a warm ambiance while maintaining a luxurious flair, making you feel incredibly welcome and posh.



Exhausted from what ended up being a full day of travel, we arrived at the Bergland Hotel Sölden in the evening and were warmly greeted by the friendly staff and taken to our rooms. I was happy to discover the spaciousness of the rooms – nearly the size of my 50m² flat! Incredibly comfortable too, with a cozy sofa and plush rocking chair – which I literally had to force myself from each day.

Bergland Hotel Suite Panorama mit Terrassenzugang ∏Anton Klocker www.kdgs.at

It was dark when we arrived so I didn’t see the view until the first morning, but what a sight to wake up to! Overlooking gorgeous snow-capped mountains, it was a beautiful sight to see – and, had it not been a bit cold for my Georgian self, I would have enjoyed a relaxing morning on the balcony.

soelden dez 2015-0776



Not only does the Bergland Sölden boast an elegant hotel restaurant that offers melt-in-your-mouth delicacies, but its also home to “wine & dine,” a gourmet à la carte restaurant and a swanky parlor bar with open fire.

soelden dez 2015-0638

Dinner at the hotel restaurant is not your average night in. With the friendliest staff ever and a rich 5-course menu providing entries like: tournedos of beef filet, monkfish medallions and fried zucchini cordon bleu; we were both feeling and eating like A-listers. Not to mention we practically had to roll ourselves to the elevators.

soelden dez 2015-0786 Kopie

Oh, and the wine! You don’t have to be a connoisseur to truly appreciate the unique wine collection stored in their cellar. Our faves were the local Cabernet Sauvignon-Merlot blend and flavorful Cuvée.

The hotel breakfast did not disappoint either. A massive buffet with all that you could wish for, our days began with hearty and healthy platefuls of deliciousness. Think homemade pancakes, custom omelets, cheeses, yogurts and spreads galore – plus, mimosas!

soelden dez 2015-0789  


When riding cable cars up the mountain and strolling through the peaceful town of Sölden tired us out – because, you know, holidays can be so exhausting 😉 – there was the exclusive Sky Spa. A first for me was the outdoor Jacuzzi overlooking the mountains. It’s somewhat counter intuitive to go outside half naked in the freezing cold – but fewer things are as relaxing as laying in a warm steamy, bubbly pool while gazing at majestic, snow-covered mountains. Afterwards, with a quick hop in the sauna to warm-up, I was ready for some laps in the large  indoor pool.

soelden dez 2015-0766 Kopie

The Sky Spa also has a full range of spa treatments. I indulged in a full-body massage and came out feeling healthy, rested and more relaxed than I think I’ve ever been.

  soelden dez 2015-0709 Kopie


Situated a stones throw away from the two cable valley stations; you can easily walk to where you need to go, whether it’s the nearby ski and mountain bike schools, a stroll through the town or an adventure atop the mountains. The main highlight? A beautiful ride up the Gaislachkogl and you’ll arrive at the gourmet restaurant ice Q.

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Of course Soelden is most famous for its incredible slopes, the kind that make any snowboarder and skiiers heart beat faster. With a capacity of an unimaginable 68000 skiiers PER HOUR it comes as no surprise that Soelden has even hosted the World Cup for Alpine Ski. When we were here there wasn’t much snow in the lower parts of the mountain yet but with a ski lift that takes you up to 3340m above sea level, rest assured that you can certainly ski your heart out there.

soelden dez 2015-0691 soelden dez 2015-0654 Kopie soelden dez 2015-0670

If, like us, you’re not into winter sports or are still learning, that should not stop you from getting on top of that mountain because apart from spectacular views, what awaits is one of the coolest restaurants you’ll ever go to: the phenomenal Ice Q. You’ll never think of lunch the same way again.

soelden dez 2015-0722

Restaurant ice Q

Sitting atop 3,048 meters of mountain, the ice Q restaurant is an architectural marvel in itself. Throw in the delicious food and breathtaking panoramic views and you’ve got yourself a place worth visiting. We went for lunch and were awed by the magnificent setting. A glass box overlooking the mountain range, a table in the ice Q, no matter where situated, provides a spectacular eating environment. And, with a staff friendly and efficient enough to match the Berghotel, the entire experience was spectacular.

soelden dez 2015-0749 Kopie

Don’t believe me? Then take the tip from Hollywood – James Bond himself graced ice Q, which was the filming location for the most recent 007 film Spectre.

soelden dez 2015-0756

Feeling tempted to give Soelden a go? Have a peak at more info on where to stay, eat, drink, party and ski on the Soelden Tourism Website. Ice-Skating, Cross-country skiing, sledding and paragliding are just a few of the many more options this mountainous peace of heaven holds. 290.000 guests per winter couldn’t be wrong to spend 1,5 million nights here. Certainly a Ski-resort that is Travelettes-tried, tested and approved!

This is a guest post by Briana Goad.

briana goad Bri is a small-town girl from the Southern U.S. living in big-city Europe. Originally from Athens, Georgia, she planted roots in Berlin in 2011 and lives for travel, good weather, and great food. Whether it’s relaxing on the beaches of Belize, interviewing trendsetters on the streets of Lisbon, or touring the towering city of Tokyo, Bri lives a life on the go and is always up for the next adventure. In between her travels she works as a freelance designer from her home studio. Follow her adventures at home and abroad on Instagram and her blog.