England – Barely any other country in the world causes such different reactions when it comes to food. Whereas the English worship their greasy breakfast, fish & chips and Cornish pasties, foreigners are either disgusted by or addicted to it – there is no in-between. I have to admit, I am one of the addicts, which is why I was delighted to finally find my dealer in Berlin… five minutes from where I live!

The place to satisfy my needs is called “East London”. It’s located in a rather courageous neighbourhood in Kreuzberg – right across the street from the most famous Currywurst place (Curry 36). From a full English Breakfast to freshly baked scones and traditional Fish & Chips, the British-food-addict may find anything (s)he needs while relaxing in one of the cosy corner seating units.

Have a sneak-peak watching your meal being cooked through the windows of the open kitchen or flick through some English literature like Harry Potter,  Charles Dickens or the Berlin-magazine for English expats called “Ex-Berliner”. My personal food favourites are the pancakes with maple sirup and slices of apples or the crispy bacon & egg butty. But really, anything on the menu is worth a try.

So, on your next trip to Berlin, do yourself a favour and forget your ambitious workout-plans for a while. Instead, allow yourself to live a little bit and enjoy some greasy pleasures without guilt. God. Save. Brit. Food.

East London
Mehringdamm 33
Kreuzberg, Berlin