With the weekend coming along and the days growing shorter and colder, inevitably every year at this time I start itching to run away and play on a tropical island. Let me just start out by saying I’m the kind of girl who is perfectly happy (well, content anyways) to rough it a bit. I’d rather stretch out my vacation for months, traveling, eating and sleeping like the locals, then blow my whole budget on a weekend of decadence.

top two photos by Jay Smith

But wow, the Maldives have been consistently popping up on my radar, and currently I am dreaming of winning the lottery or marrying a prince and getting whisked away on a private jet to a private picturesque island with a private pool. I cannot even imagine the level of luxury considered normal on the Maldives, but I can dream about it!

photo by maapu

The country is made up of 1,190 islands in the middle of the Indian ocean, surrounded by incredible coral reefs. It is the smallest country in Asia both in size and population. The weather stays between 24 °C (75°F) and 33 °C (91°F) all year long. My favorite Maldives trivia fact is that the highest point (about 7 feet) is the lowest highest point in the world.

photo by PR

The Maldives’ main source of income is tourism and the country is as famous for their rich and famous guests as they are for their epic sunsets.  You can only reach the islands by plane or boat, and once you are there anything is possible. Anything.  Maybe you have heard of the Ithaa underwater restaurant? Well you can rent out the restaurant and have it transformed into a honeymoon suite. Can you imagine watching the Indian Ocean from the inside while you are… well… you know…

Anyways, forget the diamond ring, I want an underwater honeymoon suite! You listening guys?

For 2 minutes of armchair travel, check out the video below, then close your eyes and dream yourself over to the Maledives for a Pina Colada and a bit of sand under your feet…