Staying in shape while traveling is an always-present dilemma for vagabond ladies. While an easy way to get your daily exercise is to bring a pair of trainers and run, a lot can get in the way such as ankle and leg injury/sensitivity, poor air quality, winter weather, or unsafe streets. I like to do yoga at home, but find it hard to muster the discipline to do longer, more intense sessions without the guiding voice of an instructor. At home I can have access to affordable classes at my university, but elsewhere the fees and enrollment commitments do not get along well with my tiny budget and fly-by-night travel plans. This is why I’m so happy to see donation based yoga studios cropping up.


photo by sunsinger

Yoga to the People has studios in New York, San Francisco, and Berkeley, CA. The website recommends a donation of about $10 per class, but encourages students to come and give only within their means. No one monitors or polices donations, and they are mentioned only once at the end of class. Mats and water are available to use for a small donation as well, plus free use of blocks and straps. At the Berkeley studio where I have been going there are no sign-ups or commitments involved. Perfect for a broke student like myself, or for a traveler just passing through. Details and studio addresses can be found at the website.

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post by Jackie Clark