Tick, Tock goes the clock and is ticking away, closer and closer to Christmas. It’s about time to think about presents! Wouldn’t it be nice if this year we did not have to gift our loved ones with a perfume or a boring vase? This year I’m going to do it different and so do all Travelettes. We’re going to make some kick-ass travel related Christmas gifts. But to save some money for our own presents (new heels…) we decided to go to the Mauerpark flea market here in Berlin and see what we’ll find. Watch the video to see if we were successful…

Each of us spent between 3 and 10 Euros. Here is what we found:

2 old suitcases, a bunch of vintage postcards and maps, old slides, a notebook, 2 foreign language books and a couple of old cityguides.

Next step now is to think about what sort of stuff we could be making out of those cool ingredients. I will use the Italian books and the old Rome travel guide (plus a plane Moleskine diary) I bought to make a completely individual Italian-ish notebook for my totally Rome-obsessed best friend. (But sssh! It will be a surprise.) Old maps are perfect to decorate a lot of stuff, like clocks, lampshades and accessories. Have a look at the picture below to get some inspiration.

I’m really curious what the girls will transform their old suitcases into. And I secretly hope, I might get a brand new bed table for Christmas. (Hint!)

We will keep you updated with how we get on and post a video tutorial soon about how we made our Christmas gifts. If you have any ideas, suggestions or tips -  we would love to hear about them!