Ever have a problem spotting your luggage on airport carousels? I know that whenever I fly, I have to keep a close eye out for my over-size, dark-colored suitcase because it always seems to blend in with all the rest. Often by the time I’ve noticed it’s come my way, it’s already gone by, so I have to wait for another rotation. And each time, while looking out for my bag, I note the few bags with smart owners who tie bright ribbon to the handle of their bags for easy recognition. Each time I vow to do the same. Now I have and with a twist. You can too!

By creating a luggage charm you can jazz up any old suitcase and give yourself a little help in identifying it too!


Sheet of felt

Piece of recycling to make a pattern out of

Needle and thread


Stuffing or fabric scraps


1. I decided to make mine in the shape of a speech bubble with my initials sewn on, however you can do any shape you like and the brighter the felt, the better. First cut the shape out of your piece of recycled paper (no sense in wasting a brand new one), and then pin it to your felt. Other shape ideas: star, heart, faux-luggage tag, etc… I recommend folding your felt in half so that you automatically have the back and front. Now cut it out.

2. If you plan to add an embellishment like I did with my initials, sew them on before you sew the two halves together. It’s much easier.

3. For the felt stuffies that I make, I’m a fan of exposed stitches. However, you can do it however you like. If you’d like to hide the stitches, sew the charm inside out and before it’s close, flip it the right way. Or you can stitch on the outside, but use a similar color of thread that matches the felt color.

4. Before your charm is stitched closed, measure out a length of ribbon. Mine is 36cm. Tie it in a not before you stitch in for some added strength.

5. Now add the stuffing. I bought a cheap pack for 2.50 (with plenty left over), but you can also use your left over scraps of felt to go inside to add dimension.

6. Stitch it closed and you’re done!

7. Add it to the handle or strap and you’re good to go! It works especially well on dark colored bags with short handles and can also serve as an ID tag of sorts if you include your initials as well.

Approx. crafting time: 1 hour

Cost: Less than 2€/$2

This post was written by Nilina Mason-Campbell who is a traveler, DJ, photographer, artist, writer, event manager, graphic designer, film maker and lots of other things. If you’ve enjoyed this post, check out some of her other crafts on her website or her Etsy shop.

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