Post cards are to traveling what business cards are to people. They are the first indication of how your trip is going, a sneak peak into the good times you’re hopefully having in a breath-taking environment. Before you return home and dish out those crazy stories to your friends, before you upload a gazillion photos to Facebook, the post card will have already conveyed a first impression of your travels to your friends and family.

Likewise, post cards can be fantastic souvenirs – if they’re tasteful. Unfortunately, finding a post card that doesn’t depict a kitschy scenery or the generic mass of people at a beach (that, truth be told, could be found almost anywhere on the planet) can be quite a daunting task.

No more ugly post cards, please!

Melanie and Jason of the designer/DJ duo Spins & Needles have come up with a fun and creative solution to the post card problem, they like to craft “on the road” post cards that adequately reflect their personal travel experiences. Here are their 4 steps to making your own postcard:

1. All you need is a postcard kit, a pair of scissors, cardstock and clear adhesive paper cut to postcard size (4″x6″).
2. Find yourselves some maps and tourist brochures as well as some other bits of paper (e.g. receipts, tickets). You then create a collage on the cardstock. When it’s done, cover it with adhesive paper.
3. Finally, just write down a few lines you wish to share, put a stamp on it and send it off in the regular mail

Just imagine, instead of scurrying through tourist shops you could spend the afternoon in a cozy café with a cup of tea and your DIY on-the-road post card making kit! For more information about Spins & Needles, visit their website or read the full interview with Melanie and Jason on the German Etsy Labs blog.

Everyone at Travelettes loves getting mail. If this post has inspired you to try and make some post cards of your own, why not send one down to our Berlin headquarters? You can find us at:


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