Travelettes are social creatures by nature so what happens when you meet someone who you want to stay in touch with? If you’re out and about you might quickly say “find me on Facebook!” or call out your Twitter handle as you wave goodbye. Along with all of the amazing ways to stay connected these days, I’m going old school for sharing online details while traveling and making new friends.

Originally inspired by this post, these simple calling cards can be made using a DIY stamp kit and card stock, both of which can be found at most stationery/office supplies stores.  I lucked out by finding pre-cut cards, but buying index cards and cutting them to size is a great option, especially since they come in different colors.

The stamp kit comes with easy instructions for how to set the ink pad so once you’ve decided what you want your cards to say, use a tweezer to place each letter and character onto the stamp face. Keep in mind that the tiny rubber letters are molded backwards so that means that you also have to set your words backwards (a fun little brain exercise, yes?). The kit should come with a wide plastic tweezer but I lost it and had to use my narrow eyebrow one…not quite as easy to work with but it got the job done.

Once your message or details are set, simply stamp away, enjoy, and share your personal little typography project with all of your new friends! And, if any of your details change or you want to mix things up with a new message, all you have to do is bring out those tweezers, set those rubber letters, and stamp again. Perfect for a life on the road where things can change as quickly as the scenery – or at least that’s what we daydream about.

Ana Maria is an LA native currently living in London. A flea market fanatic with a knack for diy, she shares her vintage finds, crafty endeavors, and travel adventures on her personal lifestyle blog.

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