Last year my GoPro camera went on a little tour to go on an discover the depths of the Atlantic ocean and was never again to be seen. In other words: I lost it. It happened during a minor surf accident when my camera fell in the water and disappeared within seconds. It wasn’t even a week old. To expand the lifetime of my new GoPro camera, I decided to build my own floating back. And you can sigh with relief, it will only cost a couple of Euros.

All you need is:

  • a piece of foamed plastic (maybe from your old swimming board)
  • double-sided tape
  • a knife or a saw

trav01_GoPro floating back camera

And here is how you make it

1. cut a piece of doubled-sided tape and stick it to the back of your GoPro housing…

cut tape

2. … like on the picture below. Then press it very hard against the housing, until you feel like it properly sticks.

GoPro Tape

3. Next cut a piece out of the foamed plastic.

GoPro saw

4. And see if it fits.

GoPro back

5. Then take off the the other side of the double sided tape and press it very hard against the housing.

GoPro floating back handicraft

6. Make a floating test. And voillllaaaa. Here’s your new GoPro lifetime expander.

GoPro Floating Back foam

Being a travelette I decided to go for the pink version after all. Also because a blue back in a blue ocean might not be the best option.

GoPro back selfmade