Dear everyone,

in these serious times and this mediocre weather, it’s important not to forget to laugh every once and so often. And so it is my great pleasure to treat you to a pretty right-on comic, created by and published on a very funny island in the world wide web called The Oatmeal. Said website likes to draw sarcastic illustrations that could not be further away from any sort of realistic or remotely thinkable scenario. Instead, they make us laugh about glitter-farting unicorns or the real reason why your father forces you to eat so 18 more doughnuts.

Recently, they published a very wise and meaningful display of how commercial airplanes should be laid out. It not only calls out everything that sucks about the caste system in airplanes (Economy for life!), it also lists some very clever and perfectly agreeable alternatives for it. And because it’s so entertaining, I am reposting it here for you guys.